KeeeX in C la Tech BB on BFM Business Marseille

KeeeX in C la Tech BB on BFM Business Marseille

KeeeX was invited by French Tech Aix-Marseille to present its company on the C’est la Tech BB! show, the theme of which was “Tracking your data”. 📺

Our founder Laurent Henocque answered questions from Raphaëlle Duchemin and Matthieu Somekh and was able to present the uses our customers make of our unique, patented technology.

A huge thank you to the teams at AMFT, BFM BUSINESS Marseille and all the show’s partners: Capital & Innovation by Crédit Agricole Alpes Provence, Métropole Aix-Marseille-Provence and Aix-Marseille Université 👍

The replay video 👇

Scaling the Verifiable Digital Product Passport

Scaling the Verifiable Digital Product Passport

👉 The Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a digital sheet that provides information on a product’s origin, composition, repair and disassembly options, and how individual components can be recycled. It enables stakeholders throughout the value chain (producers, importers, distributors, repairers, recyclers, consumers, etc.) to share and access this data more easily.

👉 Attaching a Digital Product Passport to goods is made mandatory by law for all products in the combined context of reducing climate externalities (as governed by the European “Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation” (ESPR)) and to demonstrate fulfillment of CSR requirements.

👉 Purely informational DPPs first apply to product items considered as equivalent. The initial objectives of such digital product passports are to:
· Kick-start the transition to sustainable consumer products towards a more circular economy.
· Enable companies to share product data to facilitate reparability, reuse and recycling.
· Inform consumers about the environmental impact of products and give them the means to adapt their purchasing behavior.
· Meet regulatory requirements on product eco-design.

👉 More advanced operational objectives are to provide per unit traceability, applied to traceable reuse, recycle, destruction, second market change of ownership, anti counterfeiting, anti grey market to name a few. However this requires to uniquely and permanently identify any single item in a product line or even occurring as a component to a bigger system.

🤔 Finding the proper ways to globally achieve and scale such per unit auditable and secure traceability is a challenge. Specifically no blockchain solution can scale to the volumes of the worldwide retail market!

🚀 The article shows how the KeeeX technology can be leveraged to address the Verifiable Digital Product Passport at Scale in all its flavors, from generic product-based customer information to per item serialized codes allowing for the traceability of maintenance, recycling, decommissioning and proof of ownership to enable a second market.

KeeeX has a working experience of Electronic Transferable Records and the Digital Product Passport (since the Bonjour Le Bon and the MeRS project is 2019). Our commitment to ubiquitous and free permanent verifiability of proofs is unique to the market, as well as our commitment for climate, as we compensate all our greenhouse emissions.

MLETR – Implementation of the Electronically Transferable Records

MLETR – Implementation of the Electronically Transferable Records

 Do you know anything about ETR or Electronic Transferable Records ?

If not, you’re about to find out how it works too!

📃 The future of paper is digital, as it finally becomes possible to manipulate files delivering ownership of valuable goods with more probative force than watermarked paper 💶,

This concerns the whole of international trade (notably Trade Finance), which for reasons of trust and disharmony between regional regulations is still very little dematerialized: for example transport 🚢✈️, customs and police 🛃🛂, banks for Documentary Credit 🏦 etc. …

The kick-off was given by the UNCITRAL model law known as MLETR (Model Law for Electronic Transferable Records – 2017), whose transcription project into national law has been progressing since a July 2023 report submitted to the government.

The document below details how KeeeX technology addresses the full requirements of the MLETR.

There can be no doubt in the minds of insiders that NFTs are the first operational example of an electronically transferable title, and that ETR is therefore intrinsically a Web3 subject, and in our view its finest example as an instance of a global data lineage problem.

KeeeX was able to leverage its NFT technical proposal by filing a new patent opening up the potential of files certified as tamper-proof and carrying variable secondary properties attested by registers (blockchain if possible). The ETR in fact carries several such properties: the rights holder, the controller(s), the status (active/expired), the return to paper, the most recent version… The strength of this proposal comes from the unalterable bidirectional link between the keeexed file and the smart contract describing the value of each variable property.

This, of course, takes advantage of KeeeX’s historic technology and other innovations, including the recently revealed kxmash multihash.

Enjoy your reading!

PS: document keeexed and verifiable at 👇

KeeeX shares its new Multihash algorithm !

KeeeX shares its new Multihash algorithm !

🚀 KeeeX shares its new KXMash Multihash algorithm with the community!

Some documents or files need to be preserved for arbitrarily long durations. For example pay slips and diplomas, BIM (digital model of a building), or NFTs.

Fortunately, the usual algorithms for calculating cryptographic hashes are resistant to quantum computing. Nevertheless, the search for more efficient algorithms is ongoing. The future failure of a popular algorithm like SHA2 could make it possible to substitute one NFT or diploma for another in an undetectable way. How then can we protect assets for very long periods with today’s algorithms? 🤔

KeeeX tries to deliver the best in data protection to our customers, and we have historically dealt with this with “classic” combinations of algorithms requiring user control. There were drawbacks. 😒

To address the challenges of massive dematerialization and Web3, we wanted to offer a natively more robust keeexing algorithm, and enable our customers to multiply the protection of their files through simple parameterization.

🎉 KeeeX is pleased to share with the community the KXMash (pronounced keeexmash) family of algorithms, enabling hash functions to be combined according to a model that combines the effects of parallelism and cascade into a unified calculation. The process is also resistant to algorithm substitution attempts.

KXMash takes as a parameter a list of hash functions (H1,…Hn), applying them all to the entire dataset (as in parallel mode), AND adding the result of each step to the input of all subsequent steps. This parameter obeys the syntax “Hn<…<H1”. The first of the string is the last in the cascade and defines the length of the output. The “Hn<…<H1” parameter is added at the head of the data to be protected.

Let’s imagine you want:
👉 secure a file for longer durations than today’s best algorithms allow: use kxmash’s default mode, which is “SHA3-256<SHA2-256”
👉 produce a 32-byte hash, but include a 64-byte hash in the calculation, without using truncation: use “SHA3-256<SHA2-512”, for example.
👉 issue NFTs for indeterminate durations: combine three different algorithm families over a length of 512 bytes: “SHA3-512<SHA2-512<SWIFFT-512” (In its usage KeeeX only uses the algorithms available in OpenSSL, but KXMash is not limited)

KXMash is the result of an innovation being deployed in version 2 of our metadata language and tools. The pdf will tell you more.

Link to article:….pdf



KeeeX partner of the Etoiles du Courtage 2023

KeeeX partner of the Etoiles du Courtage 2023

KeeeX is very proud to be once again a partner of this second edition of the Étoiles du Courtage! 🤩

After a successful first edition, 4 prizes will be awarded this year:

– 🤴 Courtier Stratège
– 👨‍💻 Digital Broker
– 😎 Remarkable Agent
– 💡 Clever Supplier

As last year, the 4 winners will receive their prizes in the form of utility NFTs that they can use or exchange.

Thank you Les étoiles du courtage, Guillaume and Eugénie for your renewed confidence!

Entries are now open:

KeeeX in the mapping of startups serving industry

KeeeX in the mapping of startups serving industry

KeeeX is included in the 2023 mapping of startups serving Industry carried out by France Digitale, ArcelorMittal France and Jolt Capital. 🎉

A mapping that puts the spotlight on the startups that are shining a spotlight on French tech know-how to dust off and reinvent industry 🇫🇷

A fine recognition for us, who have been striving for almost 10 years to provide industrial solutions for certification, proof, protection, time-stamping, traceability and compliance for all business needs.

France’s influence will not be achieved without a strong, sovereign industry at the cutting edge of innovation!

Link to the full mapping 👉

KeeeX, winner of SmartPortChallenge #4

KeeeX, winner of SmartPortChallenge #4

The entire KeeeX team was present on Friday June 30 at the Palais de la Bourse in Marseille to present the solution we developed to meet the challenge set by Servaux :

👉 Secure digital interface for ship’s regulatory documents

Together, we have co-constructed a digital platform for dematerializing, certifying and tracking all types of documents required for the navigation of a ship.

Thanks to our comprehensive software suite and ready-to-integrate components, a fully operational platform was developed in just a few weeks. 🚀

KeeeX would like to thank Servaux for its confidence, as well as all the Smart Port Challenge partners: CCI Aix Marseille Provence, Grand Port Maritime de Marseille et Aix Marseille Université

Launch of the Photo Proof Pro website

Launch of the Photo Proof Pro website

More and more companies are using our universal mobile application and we thank you for it 🙌

We have built this mini-site to show you the field of possibilities allowed by our solution:

You have a particular need?
Our team analyzes your need and develops a custom scenario in the colors of your organization.

Photo Proof Pro is used today to obtain :

👉 Remote audits/expertise (raw material, goods, container, vehicle, construction, project)
👉 Entry/exit inventory of fixtures (real estate, automobile, movable, equipment loan)
👉 Geolocalized proof of presence (event, loading dock, meeting, AGM, field actions)
👉 Dematerialization of documents (digital twin of paper document, receipt, invoice)
👉 PDF reports generation (expertise report, CERFA form pre-filling, inventory of fixtures)
👉 Proof of an event (professional, humanitarian, sports, solidarity, educational, training)
👉 Proof of consent (transfer of responsibility, signature of an inventory of fixtures)
👉 Consistency / conformity checks (contradictory photo evidence, consistency with theoretical data)

Interested ?
Let’s talk about it!

KeeeX, the first carbon neutral blockchain solution using Bitcoin

KeeeX, the first carbon neutral blockchain solution using Bitcoin

🌎 KeeeX is committed to collective carbon neutrality 🌎

Already active in minimizing its impact and GHG emissions at the organizational level, KeeeX is proud to announce that its software suite is now carbon neutral. 😁

KeeeX provides its users with an extremely low energy process to make any file or process easily verifiable. ✔

In addition to this digital passport, the user can additionally request a blockchain anchor to have a proof of existence of their file at a given date. 📆

He has the choice, or even can combine:
– An anchor on our private blockchain KeeeX Chain (in POA on 10 nodes)
– An anchor on a public blockchain (by default we pool all requests and perform two anchors per day on the Bitcoin blockchain, for very long audit sources)

KeeeX has offset on Gold Standard all its 2022 annual GHG emissions and will continue to do so. Our climate financing outside our value chain has contributed to the avoidance of 160tCO2e and the sequestration of 5tCO2e for the year 2022. 🌱

We are to our knowledge the first and only solution using Bitcoin in Layer 2 to offer a carbon neutral and sustainable solution to its customers, with no CO2 externality for their Scope 3. 🤝

This voluntary compensation, inscribed in the long term, is in addition to all the practices that are generalized within the organization:

– Travel by foot, bicycle, single-wheeler or public transport favored 🚲🚌🚈
– Premises located in a building equipped with solar panels (and of the 🌞 in Marseille, there are some!)
– Limiting the purchase of new computer equipment (reuse, second hand, BYOD) 💻📱
– Selective sorting and limiting in the use of consumables and energy ♻
– Institutionalized telecommuting

Click to view our GHG assessment (in french) 📰

Launch of KeeeX Secure NFT

Launch of KeeeX Secure NFT

Creators, protect your digital works and future purchasers ! 👍️🤩🚀

NFTs are one of the trends of the moment. However, current events have shown us that NFTs are not so decentralized and immutable as advertised.The assets linked to the majority of NFTs can indeed be modified or deleted.

KeeeX is proud to announce the beta launch of its NFT security service: 🔥

This one allows creators to protect their works as soon as they are deposited and to exchange them on the KeeeX private blockchain before eventually deciding to put them on sale on a public platform.

To do so, nothing could be simpler:

1️⃣ I deposit the original file, which the keeex service and timestamps by providing immediate proof of copyright
2️⃣ The site creates and displays a thumbnail with watermark, also keeexed and referencing the original certified file
3️⃣ I share this thumbnail on the social networks or artist sites of my choice, never exposing the original
4️⃣ I create one or more NFTs of this original, and remain the only one able to download the clones in high resolution
5️⃣ The site displays the thumbnail of these NFTs that may be of interest to collectors
6️⃣ The collector sends a direct message to the owner of the NFT and after off-site agreement, the owner transfers the NFT to the collector
7️⃣ The collector gets access to the high resolution original having been able to verify the authenticity of the thumbnail beforehand
8️⃣ At any time the creator or collector can contribute to the history of the NFT through attached and historicized documents and thus contribute to the symbolic value of the work

KeeeX is proud of our partners:
– KYC with Eunomart Violette Taquet,
– Artist support and consulting with Bertrand Dussauge Meta-K,
– Licensing and rights of use of works with Tokenart Clément Fontaine.

This NFT is shared here as a thumbnail with watermark. You have understood that only the successive owners have access to the original. It is subject to a TA-DI license adjusted to KeeeX properties.

KeeeX NFTs can be transferred to public blockchains or marketplaces like OpenSea NFT Market, Rarible, SuperRare Labs, WISeKey SA, objkt,…. hey can be mobilized for high quality display as enabled by IONNYK or for industrial deployments for example with SORGA Technology 💎

The properties of KeeeX allow to correct many of the defects found by OpenGem.

The site allows you to send a message to the owner of a work. 📧

Augure x KeeeX partnership

Augure x KeeeX partnership

We are very proud to announce that we have signed a partnership with Augure to enable their customers to certify their documents with KeeeX :

Fake news, document forgery and media distrust, companies are increasingly exposed to reputational and financial risks and their consequences. The document certification option is now available in the Augure relational platform.

KeeeX protection allows to secure and make verifiable in a safe and simplified way the content that is distributed from Augure :

➡️ 100% transparent to users – 0 manipulation.
➡️ No alterations, either in format or appearance.
➡️ All formats are supported ( word, pdf, videos, html, zip…).
➡️ Documents are secured in a perennial way.
➡️ No impact on the technical infrastructure.
➡️ Files are easily verifiable thanks to a module hosted on the client’s site (on your press area for example), on Augure’s site or on KeeeX’s site.

See you at Vivatech !

See you at Vivatech !

We’ll see you again at Viva Technology this year 😁

We will be present alongside our partner SORGA Technology 💎 on the #startups village as well as on the online platform!

📆 From Wednesday 15th to Friday 17th June 2022
📍 Paris Expo Porte de Versailles
🕗 From 9am to 6pm

Lots of announcements, novelties and exchanges in perspective! 🔥

To make an appointment:

KeeeX x Snowpack partnership

KeeeX x Snowpack partnership

Deeptechs KeeeX and Snowpack pool their technology !

To secure and make confidential web browsing and information exchange, companies and individuals often resort to specific technologies or networks: electronic signature, encryption, VPN, Tor… Unfortunately, these solutions do not fully ensure anonymity and security, are not easily accessible to everyone and always rely on trusted third parties. 🔐

KeeeX and Snowpack, two deeptechs from French research, are happy to announce at FIC 2022 that they are pooling their technologies that will now be available in each of their respective offerings. 🚀

KeeeX customers will be able to take advantage of the invisibility (security and anonymity) offered by Snowpack to transfer their keeexed files. As for Snowpack customers, they will be able to take advantage of the guaranteed integrity of information between a sender and its recipient enabled by the KeeeX process. 👊

KeeeX is the leader in embedded file protection and has developed a unique and internationally patented process to seal tamper-proof evidence in all types of documents to guarantee their integrity, source and date and make them easily verifiable. ✅

Snowpack develops and operates the first invisibility network. Based on a patented technology blending anonymity and security, Snowpack makes its users independent of the underlying infrastructure and any trusted third party when using the Internet to browse or exchange files. 👻

KeeeX receives the France Cybersecurity 2022 Label

KeeeX receives the France Cybersecurity 2022 Label

KeeeX is awarded the Label France Cybersecurity for its product KeeeX Fusion

Première et seule solution “Blockchain” labellisée France Cybersecurity en 2018, KeeeX obtient le label 2022 pour son produit KeeeX Fusion. 📋

“Ce label met en avant l’excellence des offres françaises dans le domaine de la cybersécurité et permet d’éclairer le choix des utilisateurs soucieux de contribuer à la souveraineté numérique nationale.”

Fusion permet de protéger, prouver, signer et horodater localement les fichiers sans qu’ils sortent de l’environnement de l’entreprise. ⚙

Nous remercions l’Alliance pour la Confiance Numérique (ACN) pour leur confiance, ce label est un vrai gage de qualité pour l’ensemble de nos clients et utilisateurs. 🙌

Enedis chooses KeeeX to secure its press releases

Enedis chooses KeeeX to secure its press releases

Enedis confirms the certification of its press releases with the start-up KeeeX, at the end of an experiment conducted in 2021. The embedded protection technology in the files, developed by the start-up, based on the blockchain, allows to verify their authenticity.

After a year of successful experimentation, we are very proud to announce that Enedis Group confirms the use of KeeeX technology to protect and make verifiable its press releases. 😁

Simple and quick to use, journalists and the general public can verify the authenticity of an information in one click by dropping the keeexed document on the verifier present on Enedis’ Media space. ✅

Serving the Group’s digital trust and cybersecurity, our unique and patented process notably helps to fight against the risk of Fake News and to set up responsible and verifiable communication. 🔐

After Société Générale and the many customers of our partner ePressPack, we are delighted that the Enedis Group uses our solutions to secure its press releases, reinforcing KeeeX’s ambition to become the standard for verifiable files. 🚀

PS: feel free to download and verify the CP below 👇

See you at SIDO Paris on Nov 9 & 10, 2021

See you at SIDO Paris on Nov 9 & 10, 2021

See you on November 9th and 10th for the first edition of SIDO Paris! KeeeX is one of the two startups selected by Wavestone to exhibit its booth (H13).

SIDO Paris is a Tech & Uses event dedicated to the convergence of IoT, AI, XR & Robotics technologies for strategic and operational business decision makers. We will present two of our solutions: KeeeX Fusion and Photo Proof Pro.

Registration is free, click here to book your ticket !