We are very proud to announce that we have signed a partnership with Augure to enable their customers to certify their documents with KeeeX :

Fake news, document forgery and media distrust, companies are increasingly exposed to reputational and financial risks and their consequences. The document certification option is now available in the Augure relational platform.

KeeeX protection allows to secure and make verifiable in a safe and simplified way the content that is distributed from Augure :

➡️ 100% transparent to users – 0 manipulation.
➡️ No alterations, either in format or appearance.
➡️ All formats are supported ( word, pdf, videos, html, zip…).
➡️ Documents are secured in a perennial way.
➡️ No impact on the technical infrastructure.
➡️ Files are easily verifiable thanks to a module hosted on the client’s site (on your press area for example), on Augure’s site or on KeeeX’s site.