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API / Web Service

web Application


KaaaS is a web application allowing you to keeex, digitally sign, timestamp and anchor the proof of existence of your files on the blockchain, to make them verifiable by all. Also available via API.

Use cases : guarantee the authenticity of documents (diplomas, press releases, authorizations), file proofs of anteriority (patents, IP, trademarks), digitally sign files (contracts, working documents, fight against fraud to the president).

mobile APPLication 

Photo Proof Pro

Photo Proof Pro is a mobile application for collecting photographic and video evidence, remote auditing, form capture, scanning of qr codes. The files are time-stamped and geolocalized and can be sent directly to your servers.

Use cases: remote expertise (audit, insurance, compliance, logistics, real estate), proof of presence (education, event, POS), inventory of fixtures (car, rental, maintenance).


KeeeX Stories

KeeeX Stories is a traceability platform that makes your processes verifiable. It is composed of a framework to record the history of an object or product (event, information, document) and an interface for your teams or to bring more transparency to your customers.

Use cases: logistics traceability (tracking a multi-modal process, multi-actor data pipeline, environmental impact of a good), food traceability (origin of a product, logistics path, information on the producer), product traceability (spare parts, works of art, luxury goods), documentary traceability (administrative process, reliable audit trail, contractual process, purchasing process), property transfer (goods, digital assets).


KeeeX Verifier

KeeeX Verifier is a verification module that allows you to locally verify the authenticity of keeexed files. This verification service is available for free on our website (https://keeex.me/verify) and is also proposed for integration on your website. With KeeeX, no need to deposit a timestamp certificate in addition to the file to verify it. Proofs of trust are permanently and tamper-proof sealed in the file metadata, verification is done in one click (or drag and drop)!

Use cases: verifier on your site of public documents issued by your company (press releases, financial information, media), verifier on your intranet (inter-subsidiary collaboration, extended enterprise, signature and validation of documents). 


KeeeX Fusion

KeeeX Fusion is our core component. It is a command-line utility that injects trusted metadata (integrity, source, date) and context metadata (version, tags, links, classification) into files, timestamps them, anchors their footprint on a blockchain and verifies them. 

Use cases : On Premise installation (connection to your existing applications), integration in your IoT, Mobile SDK.