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KeeeX delivers ChatOps, Enterprise Content Management, Blockchain Identity, Signature and Proof applications that leave data on your side


We leverage a patented technology for embedding trust and organisation inside files. Productivity solutions with no compromise on Industrial Property and privacy


Your Data remains Yours, semantically enriched, indefinitely available for reuse and automation



KeeeX will process your files on your side. When sharing, your data will first be protected on your side with military grade encryption


Stop wasting time, work, IP… Empower your files and discover how this will enhance your daily organization



With KeeeX, your data remains yours, functionally unaltered. We embed file organization, integrity, authenticity inside files


Blockchain delivers continuous trust that ranges from file integrity, security, identity to blockchain proofs of existence at a given date.

KeeeX ChatOps

Ethical Blockchain Collaborative Chat

KeeeX ChatOps is the only U2F secure, rich, multi-cloud, encrypted, private, blockchain native collaboration solution, that leaves files on user side

Zero investment, zero exit costs, zero knowledge, full control. Secure sharing over OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, your NFS Drive and any shared folder

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Enterprise Content Management


Secure File Sharing

Blockchain Signature & Timestamping


Exact Search

Task & Event Management


Plugins / Extensions / Connectors


Photo Proof by KeeeX

Your pictures, on the Blockchain

Photo Proof by KeeeX captures and automatically geotags, authenticates, timestamps your pictures and selfies on the Blockchain

Our app is fully compatible with KeeeX ChatOps and allows you to prove ownership, damage or event at a given date

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Take pictures directly in app

Geotag your pictures if GPS is on

Only works when access to Internet is OK

Your pictures are on the Blockchain

Your pictures are also available on ChatOps


Prove anything you want

Our Unique Technology

A patent protected process

KeeeX embeds within every file (document, discussion) a unique integrity certificate, used as a name, plus other metadata, all indexable, with no file alteration

KeeeX all files

Our technology works with more than 250 formats, even a zip file

Our expertise

We are all facing the same analysis : data are forgeable, exchanges are unsecured and signatures and proofs are complexe and expensive

KeeeX have developed an expert knowledge in : Blockchain, cryptography and semantics

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Data Integrity



Proof of Existence

Certified Documents

Secure & Probative Messenger

Probative Extensions


Multi Signatures

Digital Identity

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