The Next Generation Augmented File

KeeeX invents the Augmented Data,

the new way to protect, add value and better exploit your digital heritage

KeeeX enhances your files and turns them into Augmented Data

Protect, add value and better exploit your digital heritage


KeeeX seals trusted metadata in your files to ensure integrity, source and date. Our universal technology makes digital security accessible to everyone and allows you to protect all your file formats.


Your data has value and is easily trackable thanks to a unique identifier. It embeds the link between your documents, your processes and event ledgers (Blockchain, off-chain register).


The most successful companies are those that have quality data in quantity to supply their analysis tools. You can qualify and insert context elements into your data to make better use of them.


Our patented technology injects trust and exploitation metadata into your files without changing its appearance and format. You are no longer dependent on an infrastructure or Blockchain, all the proofs are in your data.

An interoperable and multi-sector process


Our KeeeX PR solution allows you to certify and timestamp your press releases and other documents for journalists and investors. You fight against the risk of Fake News, secure your investor relations and hedge against the potential financial and reputational impacts.


KeeeX enables the dematerialization of transport documents and the creation of a continuous information chain between the different actors through the data. Our Chains and VPT modules make it possible to manage an off-line register, monitor the status of the process and transfer the ownership or responsibility of any asset.


Data has become the raw material of manufacturers. KeeeX helps you secure them and manage the compliance of your processes. Our solutions are today used for big data, predictive maintenance, IOT, registry management, data lake or digital twins.


KYC management, agreement signature, term sheet certification, certified photo or video of an incident, our technology meets all of your dematerialization needs. Available in On Premises or SaaS distribution, easily integrates it into your existing processes and applications.

How does it work ?

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