Power your Data, Digital Signatures and Processes with Blockchain

Bring digital trust in your daily life, both professional (business process, dematerialization, collaboration, project management…) and personal (digital identity, personal documents, certified pictures…) 

KeeeX offers fully operational blockchain solutions for securing, chaining, sharing, signing and timestamping any kind of document, data or process with no alteration.

We leverage a patented technology for embedding an unalterable proof of integrity inside files as well as author, copyright, references, Blockchain signature & timestamp.


Increase productivity

Data can be found instantly and verified as being genuine. Collaboration is improved by trust and ethics.

Preserve your Data and IP

Data never leaves your machines or premises since processing is performed locally. It can be stored anywhere, on any cloud or local backup and can be provably traced as being yours.

Reduce infrastructures

Data can be proved as genuine wherever it is located, without the need for additional databases. Blockchain traceability is achieved without further infrastructures.

Eliminate paper costs

Your documents are fully dematerialized and you save paper and snail mail or DHL or else. Digital signatures make approval processes a snap, including in everyday work.


Embedded Proof of Integrity

Our patented process makes it possible to embed within any file a proof of integrity that can altogether be used to name, index and connect it to other verifiable versions, references or tags. Linking allows you for creating a blockchain of your own documents, forever linked, discoverable and traceable. Files can be freely shared to anyone and verifiable in a single drop on our web site.

Embedded Digital Signatures

KeeeX also authenticates file authors by embedding public keys or RSA certificates and digital signatures. A file author cannot be counterfeited and files cannot be resigned. No key server is required since public keys are embedded. Signatures do not expire and can be forever verified thanks to pki embedding and the blockchain.

Blockchain Traceability

Blockchain timestamping or proof of existence is available for any data or signature. Proof records are fully available and publicly auditable to the level required. No confidential information ever needs to be disclosed : you must be in possession of a document to verify it.


Our solutions process over 250 file formats, including office, media, source code, zip, xml, edi…. All this by injecting metadata in files at locations where no technical alteration is perceived : files behave, open or can be saved as usual. Source code may even exploit or display their own identifiers or signatures.



Facilitate your dematerialization processes with certified and publicly verifiable files. Paper export can also be certified.

Advanced Electronic Signature

KeeeX also authenticates file authors by embedding public keys or RSA certificates and digital signatures. It lets users produce detached electronic signatures obeying legal rules and recommendations (eIDAS/XADES/XMLDSig) with unprecedented proof of consent guarantees.

Proof of existence

Need to prove the existence of documents, an idea, a photo on a given date ? The unique footprint of your files is anchored on the Bitcoin Blockchain.


Collaboration is effective only when we have confidence in data and tools. We develop applications that respect your privacy and your industrial property.


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