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KeeeX offers fully operational blockchain solutions for securing, chaining, sharing, signing and timestamping any kind of document, data or process with no alteration


We leverage a patented technology for embedding an unalterable proof of integrity inside files as well as author, copyright, references, Blockchain signature & timestamp


Your Data remains Yours, on your side, indefinitely available for reuse and automation



KeeeX will process your files on your side. When sharing, your data will first be protected on your side with military grade encryption


Stop wasting time, work, IP… Empower your files and discover how this will enhance your daily organization


With KeeeX, your data remains yours, functionally unaltered. We embed file organization, integrity, authenticity inside files


Blockchain delivers continuous trust that ranges from file integrity, security, identity to blockchain proofs of existence at a given date.

Our Unique Technology

Embedded integrity and authenticity

KeeeX embeds within every file (document, discussion) an unalterable proof of integrity, used as a name, plus other metadata (author, copyright, versions, references, signature, timestamp…), all indexable.

KeeeX all files

Our technology works with more than 250 formats (chat, picture, video, music, documents, json, xml…) even a zip file

No Infrastructure, No Cloud

Easily implement our solutions : no infrastructure, no cloud, no saas are required ! Data are yours, on your side.

Photo Proof by KeeeX

The Blockhain Camera App

The application takes, authenticates, geolocates and timestamps your pictures on the Blockchain. Get proof in one click!

Photo Proof will allow you to realize inventory (automobile, real estate, furniture …), reporting incidents, proof of presence or event on a given date and place, proof of property (jewelery, valuables)… The use cases are endless!

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Use Cases


Inventory (automobile, real estate, furniture)


Insurance claim statement, accident report, design defect


Proof of presence or event on a given date and place


Proof of existence, copyright


Probative pictures of your receipts and bills (warranty)


Proof of property (jewels, furniture, valuable items)


Package / envelope damaged on receipt


And everything that matters to you...

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KeeeX ChatOps

Ethical Blockchain Collaborative Chat

KeeeX ChatOps is the only U2F secure, rich, multi-cloud, encrypted, private, blockchain native collaboration solution, that leaves files on user side

Zero investment, zero exit costs, zero knowledge, full control. Secure sharing over OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, your NFS Drive and any shared folder

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Exact Search


Enterprise Content Management

Task & Event Management


Secure File Sharing


Plugins / Extensions / Connectors

Blockchain Signature & Timestamping


KeeeX Core OEM

Modules for Processes Certification


Complete your existing processes with integrity, multi-signatures and timestamp proofs. KeeeX allows you to come back in degraded mode.

Integrated our OEM modules makes it possible to drive a contractual value to your processes and have a certified life cycle view of them.

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