The standard for verifiable files and processes 

KeeeX combines in its patented process the best of cryptography and blockchains to make all your documents, data, processes and decisions verifiable and traceable. No third party, no infrastructure, Web3-ready, forever !


Creating the new standard for digital trust

Document, process, decision, there was until now no universal strandard allowing to make a digital file verifiable without the use of an infrastructure. KeeeX now lays the foundation for a new way to protect, secure and enhance your intangible assets at the dawn of Web3. Humans and IT systems are accustomed to relying on trusted third parties and centralized infrastructures to trust the data we handle on a daily basis. We are creating a new paradigm in which trust is built directly into data and reinforced by distributed infrastructures.

✅ Universal : it applies to all digital file formats

✅ Sovereign and perennial : proofs in files, verifiable without time limit and without dependence on KeeeX

✅ Confidential : local data processing

✅ Scalable : ultra-fast deployment and processing of large volumes of data

Digital trust and security

Secure, guarantee and prove the integrity, source, date and existence of all your files with our embedded protection process


Signature and consent

Simply approve documents or collect proof of consent through legally binding signature

Workflows Traceability

Collect proofs of existence for all your processes that will be globally and indefinitely verifiable  

Use Cases

We use the best in cryptography and blockchains to make your documents, processes and decisions verifiable and traceable

Verifiable Data / Documents

Documents authentication, probative picture/ video, timestamping, electronic signature (eIDAS compliant), IP protection, NFT

Verifiable Processes

Maintenance, audit, traceability (logistics, agrifood, art), records management / compliance, governance, big data, CSR

Verifiable Decisions

Black box 2.0, proof of consent, internal processes, correction of an IA, data classification


Two core technologies : data & process level

Augmented Data®

A unique and patented process that allows you to embed different evidence and elements in your files to increase their probative value. The format and appearance remains unchanged. 

Base File
  • Same format
  • Same appearance
Trust metadata
  • Integrity (hash)
  • Source (Bitcoin signature or X509 electronic certificate)
  • Date (timestamp server)
  • Existence (Bitcoin anchoring by default)
Contextual metadata
  • Copyright
  • Licence
  • Tags
  • Versionning
  • Reference number
  • Classification
  • Link to other files

Augmented Process with KeeeX Chains®

A secure data structure that allows you to record evidence of information, events and documents related to a single reference. You build a reliable audit trail that can be linked to any physical or digital object, process, and project.


All information is signed by the sender, timestamped and cryptographically chained. System states are regularly notarized on the Bitcoin blockchain.


It is possible to make public only encrypted evidence and to keep the corresponding data on its own servers. This allows you to collaborate securely on multi-stakeholder processes and to publicly disclose documents only during an audit or litigation.

References & scopes

Chains can allow you to trace the history of a machine's maintenance work, the life of a container, the non-infringement of a luxury item, the path from the field to the plate of a food or the different versions of a contract or an instruction manual. The same information can be recorded on different scopes: ship / container / pallet / package or for example external multi-actor process / internal process. 

KeeeX in numbers

Number of files keeexed since the beginning

Number of countries where our solutions are used

Number of international patents


Check in one click the integrity, authenticity and date of your keeexed files

The files are processed locally during verification. No data will be transmitted to our servers.
As we like to say: "Don't trust, verify"! Do not hesitate to activate the Airplane mode before checking your file 😉

Examples of files to download and check

 ✔ File 1 (.png) KeeeX logo - Protected and signed by KeeeX
✔ File 2 (.png) Picture - Protected by Photo Proof Pro
❌ File 3 (.png) KeeeX logo - Modified by an unknown person

Why KeeeX is really different ?

Not another blockchain company

We’ve been using the Bitcoin algorithms for signing since 2013 and its blockchain since 2014 for immutable audit trails.. We didn’t develop our own blockchain but leverage its resilience, security and decentralized consensus.

Reliable & highly scalable

Our solutions have been in production within large groups for several years now. They are designed to scale to thousands of operations per second and are available On Premises, through API or SaaS distribution.

We put intelligence into your data

Recording hashes and signatures on a blockchain is within everyone’s reach and has little value. We handle data and documents on a daily basis, it is important to put intelligence in the files, not just in the infrastructure.

Perennial and interoperable

We allow you to embed proofs of trust and context in your files, without changing the format or appearance. Your documents are yours, stored on your side, and remain verifiable with no time limit, even without KeeeX !


 Proven tools for all your business needs

Photo Proof Pro

Photo Proof Pro is a mobile application for collecting photographic and video evidence, remote auditing, form capture and scanning of qr codes via lightweight and configurable workflows. The files are time-stamped and geolocalized and can be sent directly to your servers.

KeeeX Stories

KeeeX Stories is a traceability platform that makes your processes verifiable. It is composed of a framework to record the history of an object or product (event, information, document) and an interface for your teams or to bring more transparency to your customers.


KaaaS is a web application allowing you to keeex, digitally sign, timestamp and anchor the proof of existence of your files on the blockchain, to make them verifiable by all.

It also allows encrypted file transfer and is available via API.

KeeeX Fusion

KeeeX Fusion is our core component. It is a command-line utility that injects trusted metadata (integrity, source, date) and context metadata (version, tags, links, classification) into files, timestamps them, anchors their footprint on a blockchain and verifies them.

KeeeX Verifier

KeeeX Verifier is a verification module that allows you to locally verify the authenticity of keeexed files. This verification service is available for free on our website and is also proposed for integration on your website. With KeeeX, no need to deposit a timestamp certificate in addition to the file to verify it.


Let’s go for a field trip !

References & press


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