Blockchain Native Secure Collaboration


Privately share documents, messages, chats and processes beyond company borders
And version, link, tag, discover, verify, sign, timestamp them

KeeeX builds upon a patented embedded trust, chaining and indexing technology plus serverless zero knowledge privacy and encryption, Fido U2F protection

KeeeX works over your own clouds and disks. Your Data remains Yours, undefinitely promoted to usable knowledge. Risk and tie-in free. So :

Messaging, Collaboration, Process

Stop wasting time, work, IP… Empower your files and discover how this will enhance your daily organization. Discover the ultimate collaboration efficiency of social document centric activity, over your existing clouds.


Privacy by Design

KeeeX will process your files and documents on your side. When sharing, your data will first be protected on your side with military grade encryption, before sending via our own temporary storage, or for absolute control on your selected cloud, on a per recipient basis.

Freedom, Sustainability

With KeeeX, your data remains yours, functionally unaltered, and never leaves your organization, unless you decide so. File organization, integrity, authenticity are embedded, and do not rely upon a trusted tier of any kind. They are available out of any data silo, ready for every other or future process

KeeeX is the only U2F secure, rich, multi-cloud, encrypted, private, web scale, blockchain native collaboration solution, with no infrastructure, no risk, no commitment.

Zero investment, zero exit costs, zero knowledge, full control.

KeeeX is available for Windows, OsX, Linux. Android in private alpha.

KeeeX Screenshot (xetib)

Works over OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, your NFS Drive and any shared folder!



File Integrity

With KeeeX you always know exactly what you are talking about. You know if the file is the latest version, if your correspondant on the phone reads the same, if all participants to a meeting have read the required document. This works for 250 file formats, and counting…

Multi cloud sharing

KeeeX remembers all your sharing preferences (email, internet, cloud) on a per receiver basis, and encrypts all exchanges for absolute « zero knowledge » privacy

Embedded File Tags and organization

Our unique patented process allows for linking files together, a pdf to its editable original for instance, but also to concepts, tags, original folder organization that KeeeX attempts to auto suggest for maximum ease of use. Being embedded, this information is robust to sharing, even via USB!

Navigate, Find Instantly

With KeeeX, you always find files in a snap wherever they are stored, even on the web (try this). You’re so much in control that you can end up using the Unix ‘grep’ or ‘find’ commands to list all content by some user, or all content referring to some client.

Client Side Encryption over Insecure Media

KeeeX auto generates ultra secure encryption secrets when users connect. But you’re in control: you can renew it at any time, or use your own user defined shared secret. Then all future exchanges will be client side encrypted. You’re never at risk, whichever means is chosen to communicate: your content wan only be read by the chosen recipients. Nobody else.

Social, Document Centric Collaboration

KeeeX informs the author along the entire lifecycle of a document. You know if a file has been received, shared with more users, if someone has started, finished a new version, digitally approved it. You also participate in an instant comment chat over centered over the document.

A 1’54 video demoing the social networking and private messaging features of KeeeX

A message is created, then shared, then commented and agreed by collaborators. One creates a new version, naturally shared to the same group. Again the document supports a live chat, and is agreed by the receiver.

KeeeX rebuilds your relationship with files, contents, documents, as well as your relashionship with collaborators

KeeeX leverages a patented solution to embed within any digital content one or several cryptographic certificates of non modification together with direct links to other files and documents and more metadata. A pronounceable key thanks to which any user can send an identified and secure content. Simple as a drop and a click, it never exposes your data and can operate in the absence of a network. KeeeX respects your organisation and classification, ennables and improves your collaboration. KeeeX frees, secures, gives back full control of your digital life and heritage. In the end, protected by file identity and unforgeability, as well as freed from any personal folder organisation or constraint, the KeeeX user is set free.

Begin the revolution with KeeeX