👉 The Digital Product Passport (DPP) is a digital sheet that provides information on a product’s origin, composition, repair and disassembly options, and how individual components can be recycled. It enables stakeholders throughout the value chain (producers, importers, distributors, repairers, recyclers, consumers, etc.) to share and access this data more easily.

👉 Attaching a Digital Product Passport to goods is made mandatory by law for all products in the combined context of reducing climate externalities (as governed by the European “Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation” (ESPR)) and to demonstrate fulfillment of CSR requirements.

👉 Purely informational DPPs first apply to product items considered as equivalent. The initial objectives of such digital product passports are to:
· Kick-start the transition to sustainable consumer products towards a more circular economy.
· Enable companies to share product data to facilitate reparability, reuse and recycling.
· Inform consumers about the environmental impact of products and give them the means to adapt their purchasing behavior.
· Meet regulatory requirements on product eco-design.

👉 More advanced operational objectives are to provide per unit traceability, applied to traceable reuse, recycle, destruction, second market change of ownership, anti counterfeiting, anti grey market to name a few. However this requires to uniquely and permanently identify any single item in a product line or even occurring as a component to a bigger system.

🤔 Finding the proper ways to globally achieve and scale such per unit auditable and secure traceability is a challenge. Specifically no blockchain solution can scale to the volumes of the worldwide retail market!

🚀 The article shows how the KeeeX technology can be leveraged to address the Verifiable Digital Product Passport at Scale in all its flavors, from generic product-based customer information to per item serialized codes allowing for the traceability of maintenance, recycling, decommissioning and proof of ownership to enable a second market.

KeeeX has a working experience of Electronic Transferable Records and the Digital Product Passport (since the Bonjour Le Bon and the MeRS project is 2019). Our commitment to ubiquitous and free permanent verifiability of proofs is unique to the market, as well as our commitment for climate, as we compensate all our greenhouse emissions.