Creators, protect your digital works and future purchasers ! 👍️🤩🚀

NFTs are one of the trends of the moment. However, current events have shown us that NFTs are not so decentralized and immutable as advertised.The assets linked to the majority of NFTs can indeed be modified or deleted.

KeeeX is proud to announce the beta launch of its NFT security service: 🔥

This one allows creators to protect their works as soon as they are deposited and to exchange them on the KeeeX private blockchain before eventually deciding to put them on sale on a public platform.

To do so, nothing could be simpler:

1️⃣ I deposit the original file, which the keeex service and timestamps by providing immediate proof of copyright
2️⃣ The site creates and displays a thumbnail with watermark, also keeexed and referencing the original certified file
3️⃣ I share this thumbnail on the social networks or artist sites of my choice, never exposing the original
4️⃣ I create one or more NFTs of this original, and remain the only one able to download the clones in high resolution
5️⃣ The site displays the thumbnail of these NFTs that may be of interest to collectors
6️⃣ The collector sends a direct message to the owner of the NFT and after off-site agreement, the owner transfers the NFT to the collector
7️⃣ The collector gets access to the high resolution original having been able to verify the authenticity of the thumbnail beforehand
8️⃣ At any time the creator or collector can contribute to the history of the NFT through attached and historicized documents and thus contribute to the symbolic value of the work

KeeeX is proud of our partners:
– KYC with Eunomart Violette Taquet,
– Artist support and consulting with Bertrand Dussauge Meta-K,
– Licensing and rights of use of works with Tokenart Clément Fontaine.

This NFT is shared here as a thumbnail with watermark. You have understood that only the successive owners have access to the original. It is subject to a TA-DI license adjusted to KeeeX properties.

KeeeX NFTs can be transferred to public blockchains or marketplaces like OpenSea NFT Market, Rarible, SuperRare Labs, WISeKey SA, objkt,…. hey can be mobilized for high quality display as enabled by IONNYK or for industrial deployments for example with SORGA Technology 💎

The properties of KeeeX allow to correct many of the defects found by OpenGem.

The site allows you to send a message to the owner of a work. 📧