🌎 KeeeX, 1st blockchain solution using Bitcoin carbon neutral 🌎

Already active in minimizing its impact and GHG emissions at the organizational level, KeeeX is proud to announce that its software suite is now carbon neutral. 😁

KeeeX provides its users with an extremely low energy process to make any file or process easily verifiable. ✔

In addition to this digital passport, the user can additionally request a blockchain anchor to have a proof of existence of their file at a given date. 📆

He has the choice, or even can combine:
– An anchor on our private blockchain KeeeX Chain (in POA on 10 nodes)
– An anchor on a public blockchain (by default we pool all requests and perform two anchors per day on the Bitcoin blockchain, for very long audit sources)

KeeeX has offset on Gold Standard all its annual GHG emissions that is the equivalent of 150 tons of CO2 (the annual emissions of about 30 people). 🌱

We are to our knowledge the first and only solution using Bitcoin in Layer 2 to offer a carbon neutral and sustainable solution to its customers, with no CO2 externality for their Scope 3. 🤝

This compensation, inscribed in the long term, is in addition to all the practices that are generalized within the organization:

– Travel by foot, bicycle, single-wheeler or public transport favored 🚲🚌🚈
– Premises located in a building equipped with solar panels (and of the 🌞 in Marseille, there are some!)
– Limiting the purchase of new computer equipment (reuse, second hand, BYOD) 💻📱
– Selective sorting and limiting in the use of consumables and energy ♻
– Institutionalized telecommuting

Click to view our GHG assessment (in french) 📰