Deeptechs KeeeX and Snowpack pool their technology !

To secure and make confidential web browsing and information exchange, companies and individuals often resort to specific technologies or networks: electronic signature, encryption, VPN, Tor… Unfortunately, these solutions do not fully ensure anonymity and security, are not easily accessible to everyone and always rely on trusted third parties. 🔐

KeeeX and Snowpack, two deeptechs from French research, are happy to announce at FIC 2022 that they are pooling their technologies that will now be available in each of their respective offerings. 🚀

KeeeX customers will be able to take advantage of the invisibility (security and anonymity) offered by Snowpack to transfer their keeexed files. As for Snowpack customers, they will be able to take advantage of the guaranteed integrity of information between a sender and its recipient enabled by the KeeeX process. 👊

KeeeX is the leader in embedded file protection and has developed a unique and internationally patented process to seal tamper-proof evidence in all types of documents to guarantee their integrity, source and date and make them easily verifiable. ✅

Snowpack develops and operates the first invisibility network. Based on a patented technology blending anonymity and security, Snowpack makes its users independent of the underlying infrastructure and any trusted third party when using the Internet to browse or exchange files. 👻