More and more companies are using our universal mobile application and we thank you for it 🙌

We have built this mini-site to show you the field of possibilities allowed by our solution:

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Photo Proof Pro is used today to obtain :

👉 Remote audits/expertise (raw material, goods, container, vehicle, construction, project)
👉 Entry/exit inventory of fixtures (real estate, automobile, movable, equipment loan)
👉 Geolocalized proof of presence (event, loading dock, meeting, AGM, field actions)
👉 Dematerialization of documents (digital twin of paper document, receipt, invoice)
👉 PDF reports generation (expertise report, CERFA form pre-filling, inventory of fixtures)
👉 Proof of an event (professional, humanitarian, sports, solidarity, educational, training)
👉 Proof of consent (transfer of responsibility, signature of an inventory of fixtures)
👉 Consistency / conformity checks (contradictory photo evidence, consistency with theoretical data)

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