We’re extremely proud and happy to have you on our side and welcome you on this blog.

The KeeeX team has been hard at work to release what we believe is among the most beautiful collaboration tools ever. It combines the power of a rich and agile professional instant messenger, fully private file sharing, versioning, chaining, tagging, commenting, approving, signing, timestamping, integrity…

The new KeeeX v3.0 is called ‘Tigon’, from the name of a delicate heart shaped flower, or sometimes of an hybrid of a lion and a tiger. It provides unprecedented ease of use, to initiate an instant chat, securely share a file, create a new version, manage a task list… All this without revealing a single byte of your data, in a decentralized way, beyond enterprise limits, without complex group or access rights, version name, date and password management. Away from email.

KeeeX Tigon also provides one clic timestamping over the Bitcoin blockchain of any contract, document, photograph, invention, creation, proof, copyright… You will create your own uses, or simply will love the fun of registering a selfie forever.

We also wish to inform you ahead of time that the current ‘Collaboration Launch’ plan allows for unlimited timestamping. Leak, cheat and tie-in free. Enjoy!

Laurent and the KeeeX team