KeeeX is a true solution devoid of trusted tiers, and is not the next ‘Bad Guy’. You have access to everything, even in the future should the KeeeX company default. And KeeeX does not see a byte of your Data.

  • Your files stay on Your machine (you may easily monitor the exchanges with our servers)
  • You see your encrypted files (of course naturally if you choose your favorite cloud sync to share)
  • We can allocate a dedicated private server for a company – even though the perspective of exchanging outside the limits of the company renders this choice questionable.
  • Verifying a keeexed file (that uses SHA256) is possible using a public script (hence remains feasible should the KeeeX company default)
  • The KeeeX digital signature (uses the elliptic curve Sekp256k1) can be verified qithout KeeeX (for instance on (hence remains feasible should the KeeeX company default)
  • The format of encrypted files (that use AES CBC 256 IV and user accessible secrets) is made available by contract (hence remains feasible should the KeeeX company default)
  • As a last resort, KeeeX writes ASCII Metadata in files, hence is fully compatible with the Unix system commands  GREP, FIND, LS… (hence allows for any automation should the KeeeX company default)
  • The information sent by the KeeeX app to our servers to allow for notifications are not inversible (they are hashes).

Henceforth, the cryptographic features of KeeeX are verifiable and accessible, even without KeeeX. To date:

  • Sha256 is known as immune to collision and pre-image attacks: it is thus impossible to create two documents having the same KeeeX identifier, or a second document having the same idx as the first one,
  • Sekp256k1 is known as inviolate : it is the elliptic curve used by the Bitcoin protocol: any flaw would destroy Bitcoin entirely.
  • AES CBC 256 IV (with unguessable initialisation vector) is known as inviolate

We continuously improve the quality of our eexcution