Public Software Packages

(under construction)

KeeeX provides various software packages to allow the exploitation of what is called “keeexed files”.

Our processes works in three steps:

  • creation of a keeexed file from a non-keeexed file, embedding all digital proof and processing metadata
  • anchoring and timestamping with various online resources
  • verification of keeexed files at anytime, over the life of the file. The verification process itself is made of three parts:
    • checking file integrity and authenticity against offline data
    • querying online service to validate timestamp proofs
    • validating digital identities used for authenticity

While solutions to perform the full set of operations are provided to our customers, it is essential that a keeexed file’s metadata and offline validity remain verifiable. To this end, we provide software packages to perform some operations related to the verification of keeexed file. These operations are limited to the first two step with restrictions on the query rate for online verification.

Our packages are published either under an MIT license or a KeeeX restrictive license prohibiting unauthorized use in commercial products.

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