[KeeeX as an amazing Service]

Protect, prove, sign, timestamp and make auditable all your digital documents and business interactions

A simple, effective and universally accessible solution

KaaaS is a web application accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The portal allows the protection of files in one click: integrity, source, date, blockchain proof of existence, description (copyright, tag, version, classification…). Other functionalities such as managing meetings or committees, taking notes or sending signature requests are also available. KaaaS is the ultimate asset for protecting and securing your intangible assets before they are shared with the outside world.


Keeexing files

Proof of integrity in files, verifiable without time limits or third parties

Digital signature

Authenticity guaranteed, 100% eIDAS compliant signature

Secure timestamp

To the second via time server. Optional eIDAS qualified timestamping

Blockchain proof of existence

Deposit of a universal and immutable proof of existence on Bitcoin

Governance - Meetings

Full traceability with verifiable convocations, votes, notes and attendance

Note taking

In the application with added images, keeexed PDF, zip or markdown export

Signature requests

Multi-signature of files in one click, all formats, without alteration

Storage and encrypted transfer

From the browser for total privacy, even in SaaS

Our clients use it for :


Prove and make verifiable

Press release, label, diploma, accreditation, media, presentation

IP protection and timestamping

Creation, idea, patent before publication, laboratory notebook, subcontracting

Approvals and consents

Signature or multi-signature of documents (NDA, PR, contract…)

Securing NFTs / artworks

Proof of prior art, bi-directional links NFT – smart contract, verifiable thumbnail

Taking ownership of their data

Recording of content before distribution to others (clients, social networks, etc.)

Transparent governance

Organisation of meetings, committees and AGMs with votes and auditable minutes

Ensuring file integrity

Multi-decade durability regardless of storage or archiving location

Carbon footprint reduction

Autonomous evidence file, energy saving in storage and verification

KaaaS is always there for you

Whether you’re in the office or on the road, KaaaS follows you everywhere. No software to download, the platform is accessible from a simple web browser.



  • Connection via SSO possible (OpenID, SAML2)
  • File processing locally on the browser
  • Adding a text overlay to PDFs
  • Automatic download of keeexed files
  • Automatic renaming of files possible
  • Encrypted storage on secure cloud
  • Customisable emails on demand


Can I use KaaaS on mobile and computer?

Yes, perfectly! KaaaS is a web application that can be accessed from a simple internet browser. You can use it on your computer or your mobile phone. Since it’s a single account, you’ll be able to find all your protected files no matter which device you’re using.

How long does it take to deploy?

Deployment of KaaaS is very fast. In just a few minutes we can provide you with a turnkey application with your logo. You have an administrator space to manage the different accounts of your entity (add or delete). Setting up authentication with your SSO takes a few days.

Why you over a competitor ?

For various reasons! We like to say that you will like us because you can leave us whenever you want. KeeeX is not a trusted third party. By embedding the evidence directly in the files, they remain verifiable for free, without time limit, even without KeeeX. Unlike most of our competitors who only offer notarization on blockchains (often exotic and rarely perennial), KeeeX protects your files by injecting proofs of integrity, source, date and free metadata (description, copyright, license, tags, versions, references to other files).

What is the legal validity of the solution?

KaaaS is 100% compliant with the eIDAS regulation on “simple” electronic signatures (i.e. 80% of the cases on the market). We go even further by embedding proof of integrity, date stamping and digital signatures in your files. By opting for qualified time stamping, you benefit from a presumption of validity by default. Because keeexed files carry their own evidence record, our clients typically see a reduction in litigation by providing them to the other party.legal solution.

How to check a keeexed file?

Keeexed files can be verified on our applications and the free public verifier hosted on our website: https://keeex.me/verify. You also have the possibility to integrate a verification module (iframe, component integration or JavaScript library) on your website.

Does a keeexed file remain in the same format ?

Yes, it does ! Keeexing does not change the format or the visual appearance of the file, which remains usable with your current software. The process just adds trust and context metadata to the base file that will allow it to be verified later, even years from now.