Create your own photographic proof in a single clic !

The app that takes, authentifies, geolocates, timestamps and anchors your photos on the blockchain

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Just navigate to, it’s as easy as a drop ! Ensure all properties of a Photo Proof picture in a glance !


Proofs are directly embedded into the picture and will ensure it’s authenticity.


Pictures will never leave your phone or private cloud.


This picture can not be contested by your insurance company, as any other cryptographic tool (electronic proof).

  • I log in with my KeeeX account on the mobile app
  • I take picture as with any other camera device, in one click.
  • Once processed, my picture will be signed, timestamped and anchored on the Blockchain
  • The proofs are saved inside the file, as an invisible seal, and will be shared with the picture
  • The recipient of the picture can check its integrity, authenticity, location, date, author online


  • Blockchain is like a large public ledger, that anyone can freely read, anyone can write, and that can’t be deleted.


  • Photo Proof uses Blockchain technology to register for life picture certificates


  • Each new transaction written on the ledger will be undeletable, like engraved in marble. This will allow you to ensure the validity and authenticity of a transaction, and the integrity of the whole system.
What does Photo Proof pictures ensure ?
Photo Proof allows you to prove everything that matters to you ! A Photo Proof certified picture ensure:

  • Its integrity, the picture has not been tampered with (no modifications)
  • Its authenticity confirms you the origin of the file and its author’s signature its author (no counterfeiting)
  • Its timestamp, the date of the shoot of the picture
  • Its location, helped with phone’s GPS

And can provide a digital proof in case of litigation.


Privacy: Who can see my pictures ?
Your pictures will stay on your phone, or will be automatically saved on your Orange Cloud (if you have one and chosen to send pictures to it). No private data is sent to KeeeX. The app computes a hash (cryptographic hash, non-reversible and unique per picture) and only this hash is sent to us for the timestamp, which ensure you confidentiality.
How can a recipient verify a picture ?
The recipient can verify the integrity, authenticity, timestamp and location of a picture using the Photo Proof verify page, available here. If the document is genuine, a “Certified” label will appear.