What can I do with KeeeX ChatOps?

This page provides a list of the many 'things' that you can do with KeeeX, from simple messaging (yet fully private) to ultimate collaboration
Message, Chat, Share in absolute confidentiality

KeeeX exchanges are end to end encrypted. Peers may even decide upon their own private paths for sharing and collaborating:

  • cloud sync folders (as e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive…)
  • shared network volumes, for instance available via a VPN
  • well… even a USB key

And the app takes care of everything, so you never have to remember how you share with someone.

Chain and individualize document versions

KeeeX will embed in every document exact references to its previous version(s). Within the app, the version graph can be navigated by simple clicks.

For instance, you are working with a Lawyer on a license termsheet. Each document version will be perfectly identified and the responsibilities of all parties on the changes will be clear.

Link a contract to its references - a document to one or several others

You will do this because there exists a form of dependency between two files (reference, translation, original…). KeeeX will permanently embed in the keeexed file links to theses references.

For instance, when you create a pdf from a Word document. You will first keeex the Word doc to preserve its exact version forever. Then save it as a pdf for publishing. But before publishing, you will keeex the PDF and link it to the Word. So that if in the future, it is required to update the pdf, you start editing a new version of the corresponding Word document in two clicks.

Create a concept for Bill, Report, Confidential - classification concepts

KeeeX will help you create classification concepts to use with the messages and documents that you receive or produce. A “Concept” in the sense of KeeeX is simply a message or document itself, which, by being keeexed will enable to uniquely represent its meaning.

For instance, you may export to pdf the Wikipedia page about “Democracy”, keeex it while making it refer to the predefined KeeeX “Concept” and use it to denote the democracy concept in the future. Here is an example: dropbox…Democracy…-ximog-sazug.pdf

Alternately, you may create a concept like a message, for instance to denote “Interesting” matter. Here is an example: dropbox…Interesting-…-xizof-zonyf.html

Create ToDo, Done concepts - process concepts

KeeeX will help you create process concepts to use with the messages and documents that you receive or produce. A “Concept” in the sense of KeeeX is simply a message or document itself, which, by being keeexed will enable to uniquely represent its meaning.

For instance, you may implement the simplest Todo process by creating two concepts: TODO, and DONE

Then KeeeX will let you instantly list everything that is TODO, but not yet DONE, or the opposite.

Remotely discuss, chat over a document

Daily document collaboration requires to discuss them. KeeeX provides this in the most natural way: every document, file or message supports a comment chat, that is by default shared with the same people as the document itself.

For instance, tentative meeting minutes may be open to a collaborative discussion, to let the author finalize an acceptable newer version

Tag a document as Confidential - classify documents

When such a tagging occurs at keeexing time, the classification is forever embedded in the document. Of course, any concept can be used for such a matter.

For instance, before sharing a file, one may want to tag it as “Important” to enable its separate and maybe faster processing by collaborators

Also, tagging as “Confidential” would allow to globally perform machine (or even internet wide) searches for all documents containing the corresponding unique identifier

Formally approve meeting minutes, a publishable document ...

In a click on the “thumb” icon, one may produce a proof of his agreement over a document. When digital signature is used, this proof is further hack-proof authenticated.

For instance, the CEO may organize an Executive Committee. All participants are required to approve the minutes of the previous meeting, and the current agenda, and to have received the referenced documents. The app will provide a global view of whoever has not received a document (by not starting KeeeX), and if the minutes or agenda where approved, all thumbs will be up.

Nobody can ever claim anymore that he has not received or read the right version of a file

Find a file in a couple seconds on my machine

KeeeX instruments documents and files with a unique identifier (we call it an ‘idx’), that altogether provides a proof of integrity, a version name, direct links to other files. The amazing property is that all such idx are readable inside the files. This means that machine and search engines can access them.

Of course today, search engines work best with file names. You can format keeexed file names so that they contains a few words of their idx. This allows for exact and instant search with humanized five letter yet artificial and unique words.

For instance, an investor calls you, saying: “In your business plan page 8, you say…”. So you ask for which BP version it is about. He replies that the file name says ‘ximos’. You type ximos is the search engine of your computer or KeeeX, and the exact unmodified file pops. You are reading the same!

Find all mentions of a file on the internet

The first three words from the idx of a document range among 300 K Billion possibilities. Far more than the total number of files indexed by search engines. By placing these three words into its name, you enable finding all mentions of the file on the web in a snap.

It also works well with only two words (the default in KeeeX). For instance try this search duckduckgo…xosiv-puten

Attach copyright information to your photos before publishing them

KeeeX lets you inject into your media files copyright and license information that will remain unaltered.

That way, if you have published pictures on a sharing website, no unauthorized use will be possible by someone claiming that the site had a ‘bug’ and that the licence terms were unclear.

You also protect you rights for private content that would be exposed because of a true ‘bug’.

Secure Bills and Receipts against modification

So nobody can forge any (for instance by editing a target bank account and/or beneficiary)