The application takes, authenticates, geolocates and timestamps your pictures on the Blockchain. Get proof in one click! Photo Proof will allow you to realize inventory (automobile, real estate, furniture ...), reporting incidents, proof of presence or event on a given date and place, proof of property (jewelery, valuables)... The use cases are endless!

Photographic proof in your pocket in one click


Photo Proof is the only mobile application that takes, authenticates, geolocates and timestamps your photos which remain in your side.

Pictures are not stored on a cloud, using a third party but remain in your Smartphone. No need to pay to get your photos …

Proof of integrity, geolocation and timestamp are sealed in the file in an unalterable way.

Try modifying your photo, it will be recognized as falsified!

Take pictures directly in app

Your pictures are on the Blockchain

Geotag your pictures if GPS is on

Your pictures are also available on ChatOps

Only works when access to Internet is OK

Protect your work before his public diffusion

photo proof by keeex

Use Cases


Inventory (automobile, real estate, furniture)


Insurance claim statement, accident report, design defect


Proof of presence or event on a given date and place


Proof of existence, copyright


Probative pictures of your receipts and bills (warranty)


Proof of property (jewels, furniture, valuable items)


Package / envelope damaged on receipt


And everything that matters to you...

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An mark of your picture is written on the Bitcoin Blockchain

The proof of integrity is embedded in the file

Your personal bailiff is always in your pocket

Compatible with KeeeX ChatOps Mobile