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Certified corporate and financial communication


KeeeX PR allows you to tackle fake news and reduce risk by securing your press releases and financial communication. KeeeX embedded digital signature technology coupled with Blockchain makes it possible to certify integrity and origin of any document.

What are the benefits?



Prevent Fake News

Protect from financial impact

Strengthen your brand image with an innovative solution

Why choose KeeeX PR?



Quick and simple, don’t modify your current process

Protect from financial & brand impact

Verification windows can be hosted on your website

How does it work ?

The KeeeX technology allows any file to be secured and valued through a digital signature including proof of integrity, digital identity, legal timestamp… Trust is embedded into files!

This can used to protect any document, incuding diplomas, bills, pay slips, and press releases !

  • The corporate communication team produces a certified document by a simple drag and drop on an intranet web page or app. Account access and signatures may be Fido protected.
  • In presence of a document, a journalist can assert that it genuinely originates from a listed company by a simple drag an drop on a corporate page
  • When used, the Blockchain additionally warrants the date and declaration of existence of the PR by the company.

This solution is already experimented at EDF! Discover it here