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Certify your Financial and Corporate Communication

KeeeX PR helps you protect from Fake News by certifying your press releases and other documents you share. You hedge against financial and reputational risks and secure your investor relations.

Why choose KeeeX PR ?

Fast and easy for internal teams and users
Hedge against financial or reputational risks
Reversal of liability in case of dissemination of Fake News

How does it work ?

KeeeX embedded digital signature technology allows any file to be secured with proofs of integrity, source and date. It can be combined with blockchain anchoring for providing an additional and auditable proof. Without changing their habits, your press team will edit the press releases in the usual format, secure them in one click and  send them trough your current platform. Investors or journalists will be able to easily verify the authenticity of the information supposed to come from you on any device.


Verify file’s veracity on mobile, tablet or computer
SaaS or On Premises version
Strengthen your brand image with an innovative solution

Customer Case

EDF is the leading producer and supplier of electricity in France. To prevent Fake News and the risks involved, it was imperative for EDF to find a solution. The main issue was to build a simple solution that fit in the current process. KeeeX PR was implemented in a few hours and was easily accepted by the press team. EDF press releases can be checked on