Plans and Pricing

For maximum security, all plans involve state of the art cryptography: 256 bit file hash integrity, humanized identifiers, P2P Diffie Hellman key exchange, user renewable encryption keys, user controlled sharing channels, client side, zero knowledge 256bit AES CBC symmetric encryption.

Of course all plans also involve KeeeX’s unique patented embedded technology for metadata, links, versions. It is search engine compatible, operating system friendly, Blockchain ready. Compatible with more than 250 formats, including Office, Open Office, Media, PDF, Source code, zip…

KeeeX has no appetite for your data. The KeeeX cloud stores your encrypted files for just 90 days. When needed, you may reshare or ask for them.

ChatOps Free

Protect, share and archive your documents and chat without leaking data
  • The magic of KeeeX for personal use
  • Unlimited zero knowledge Direct messages, Discussions (incl. file based), Channels
  • Unlimited keeexing and verification (pdf, office, photo, code source, zip…)
  • Unlimited zero knowledge sharing up to 10 MB per file
  • Unlimited webRTC videoconferencing
  • Free Bitcoin identity and signatures under full control
  • Unlimited data history
  • Local DB encryption
  • Free plugin extensions and connectors (calendar, process, meeting notes…)
  • Open source Git plugin repositories
  • Develop and share your own plugins
  • Copyright and intellectual property protection
  • Unlimited encrypted backups on your personal cloud
  • 10 free Bitcoin timestamps included
  • Timestamps packages upon request

ChatOps Pro

Manage identity, documents versions, approval processes and share without limits
  • Everything in ChatOps Free
  • Unlimited file size when sharing
  • Unlimited in app electronic signatures and approvals
  • Single use advanced Bitcoin Bip32 digital signatures
  • Bitcoin Blockchain identity publishing and revocation
  • Version creation and auto linking
  • Fido Key account access protection
  • 30 monthly Bitcoin timestamps included

ChatOps Enterprise

Manage company wide licenses and users, bots and timestamping volumes
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  • Everything in ChatOps Pro (except timestamping)
  • Fido protected system administration console
  • Admin user license and revocation management
  • Detailed usage statistics
  • Virtual or BOT accounts
  • Company wide mutualized timestamping volumes
  • Custom and company branded timestamp certificates
  • On premises company branded verification page
  • Bitcoin plus trusted RFC 3161 timestamping
  • X.509 digital certificate signatures
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