Plans and Pricing

The unique ultra secure and probative blockchain powered enterprise chat. This app will replace a dozen others and provide ultimate collaboration agility without ever leaking a single bit of your Data and IP


ChatOps Free

Protect, share and archive your documents and chat without leaking data
  • The magic of KeeeX
  • Unlimited zero knowledge Direct messages, Discussions (incl. file based), Channels
  • Unlimited keeexing and verification (pdf, office, photo, code source, zip…)
  • Unlimited zero knowledge sharing up to 10 MB per file
  • Unlimited webRTC videoconferencing
  • Free Bitcoin identity and signatures under full control
  • Unlimited data history
  • Local DB encryption
  • Free plugin extensions and connectors (calendar, process, meeting notes…)
  • Open source Git plugin repositories
  • Develop and share your own plugins
  • Copyright and intellectual property protection
  • Unlimited encrypted backups on your personal cloud
  • 10 free Bitcoin timestamps included
  • Timestamps packages upon request

ChatOps Pro

Manage identity, documents versions, approval processes and share without limits
  • Everything in ChatOps Free
  • Unlimited file size when sharing
  • Unlimited in app electronic signatures and approvals
  • Single use advanced Bitcoin Bip32 digital signatures
  • Bitcoin Blockchain identity publishing and revocation
  • Version creation and auto linking
  • Fido Key account access protection
  • 30 monthly Bitcoin timestamps included

ChatOps Enterprise

Manage company wide licenses and users, bots and timestamping volumes
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  • Everything in ChatOps Pro (except timestamping)
  • Fido protected system administration console
  • Admin user license and revocation management
  • Detailed usage statistics
  • Virtual or BOT accounts
  • Company wide mutualized timestamping volumes
  • Custom and company branded timestamp certificates
  • On premises company branded verification page
  • Bitcoin plus trusted RFC 3161 timestamping
  • X.509 digital certificate signatures