Live demos

Welcome to the home of KeeeX Services (offline verification page, timestamp explorer…) live and operational demos of our technology, a library of standalone unforgeable documents together with more resources.


KeeeX Core SaaS Demos

This section showcases live SaaS demos that illustrate the use of our back office module KeeeX Core. Using KeeeX Core, one may complete any backoffice process with data integrity, multiple signatures, Blockchain timestamps and tracking. This is extremely simple to implement as it requires no infrastructure : all files embed their trust metadata, and full proof records are available to all parties.


This section provides access to our most important services. The verification page can be tested offline, to assess that not a single byte of data goes to us. The timestamp explorers allow for listing real time timestamping operations on our servers. These pages grant access to fully standalone downloadable timestamp certificates that are anchored to the Bitcoin blockchain. The Photo Proof pro parameter set generator is useful to Photo Proof pro customers alone.

Certified Documents

This section gives access to a set of unforgeable digital original samples : diplomas, pay slups…

Developer Resources