We had good news lately (2015 May the 19th exactly): Google indexes Twitter again!

So KeeeX provides the Digital Identity, Twitter provides the Date (and internal search), and Google independently confirms the date and provides global Search



To achieve this, we simply tweet the KeeeX Id of a document, adding the hashtag #kxts (for KeeeX TimeStamping).

So who needs to timestamp? When?

  • You’re a Photographer or Poet, Writer… and publish you Art: obtain the proof that you owned the original at a given date
  • You’re an Author, and need a proof that you owned a (possibly private) document before you communicate it to a tier
  • You’re an Inventor, Researcher, Company, and need a proof that you had an idea or document at a given date

And, yes, there are glorious ancestors, just check Wikipedia on Trusted Timestamping. For instance, Sir Isaac Newton shared the ‘hash’ 6accdae13eff7i3l9n4o4qrr4s8t12ux to Leibniz.

Today, I shared the unique IDX ticeh-mahof-tamob-gucan-lines-kumap…poxut. Via Twitter. Hopefully you will find this with Google.

Have fun timestamping using KeeeX, Twitter, with the help of a global search engine (waiting for more of them to index this kind of content)


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