Le Futur des données : Non modifiables et connectées, comme une Blockchain

Le Futur des données : Non modifiables et connectées, comme une Blockchain

(désolé – ce texte est en anglais)

Two innovations that illustrate applications of immutable and connected data tend to widely disseminate in our lives. Can we complement or improve on this and what do we learn?

One is Git. Git is the most widely used version control system. The emphasis of Git on data integrity builds upon an underlying scheme called “content addressable storage” and Merkle trees.


KeeeX propose une solution sans infrastructure pour l’Open Access

(désolé, texte non encore traduit)

At KeeeX, we are leveraging a patented innovation allowing to augment virtually any file with integrity/authenticity/linking cleartext searchable metadata that opens new perspectives for Open Access (and more generally Open Data).

  • file integrity and authorship are builtin.
  • references to other papers and documents, semantic classification and context are builtin.
  • wherever a file is found, it can be verified as genuine using our simple client or a web site.

This means that:

  • Open Research can be published *anywhere*: including a publicly available cloud folder.
  • Open Access documents can be retrieved using general purpose search engines.
  • any document that refers to another document, if keeexed, will allow to embed the exact identifier to its references, that can themselves be searched then verified locally as genuine.

Of course we provide a paid solution for businesses, but also we develop an academic program, and in any case producing some amount of publishable documents will be possible using the free version. I’d be extremely happy to help anyone reading this to test KeeeX, for instance in the purpose of studying its potential in Open Access. If you’re an academic and are willing to use KeeeX in your institute, please feel free to contact us. This post was created as a comment to a discussion about the future of Open Access publishing.

Ce que KeeeX peut pour vous.

Ce que KeeeX peut pour vous.

Voici les transparents de la présentation réalisée le 17 décembre à l’EMD Marseille lors de la soirée « La Crise? What Else? ». Vous y comprendrez pourquoi KeeeX apparaît comme une solution sans équivalent de gestion, partage, recherche, organisation, classification, signature numérique de vos documents. Et comment KeeeX sécurise le no man’s land numérique dans lequel nos documents transitent entre les disques et les clouds.