Navigate, Find Instantly


Where is this file?

On which cloud, which machine?


List files related to this operation?

With KeeeX, you always find files in a snap wherever they are stored, even on the web.

Find files by concepts, by relations

Use file ID in search engines

Combine criteria for accuracy

How does KeeeX's navigate, find instantly work ?
  • Your KeeeX companion provides semantic and organisational search: files can be accessed using combined multiple criteria: par of their name, identifier, documents in references, authors, wherever they reside.
  • KeeeX allows for ignoring the actual location of a file, be it on a disk or the internet.
  • A keeexed file can be searched for even without KeeeX, because its KeeeX identifier as well as metadata and references are placed in indexable position, and visible in cleartext in the document.
  • KeeeX is the only know patent protected solution, allowing for the instant retrieval of an original, a reference, a most recent version, among multiple clouds, ECMs, disks…