Multi cloud sharing

What sharing means does my collaborator use?

Is this document confidential and should never risk exposure?


How can I securely extend collaboration to an external person?

KeeeX remembers all your sharing preferences (email, internet, cloud) on a per receiver basis, and encrypts all exchanges for absolute « zero knowledge » privacy

Memorize heterogenous per user sharing settings, including private encryption passphrase, for weblinks, email, shared (cloud) folders

Encrypt all documents over any media, including insecure ones

Effortlessly invite an extra collaborator on a document, even when not a member of the company

How does KeeeX's multi cloud sharing work ?
  • KeeeX automates sharing via encrypted weblinks that last for 90 days.
  • KeeeX automagically moves an incoming file next to the previous version if existing.
  • KeeeX encrypts keeexed documents before sending, whichever means is used
  • KeeeX encryption is best in class 256 bit symmetric encryption, based upon an automated or user defined secret (UDE: User Defined Encryption)