Has this file been modified?

Do I know the author?


Are we working on the same file?

With KeeeX you work and collaborate with files in trust.

Claim file's authorship

Ensure files have never been modified

Get unique names for versions

How does KeeeX's Identification work ?
  • The KeeeX identifier is embedded in the file without alteration. It allows for bitwise verification, version naming, and indexing.
  • The KeeeX identifier is generated using first grade 256 bit cryptographic hashes, unique at universe scale, and robust enough to protect the bitcoin cryptocurrency. It is statistically not feasible that two different files share the same identifier.
  • The KeeeX identifier is humanized in five letter pronounceable words, thus allowing easy memorization for quick searches, as well as search engine indexing.
  • The KeeeX id can be digitally signed using first grade ECC PKI signature for unforgeable author authentication.
  • This allows for the insertion of digitized handwritten signatures even in editable file formats.
  • KeeeX also protects embedded copyright mentions, comments, instructions to co-workers, confidentiality statements…
  • KeeeX standardizes file names by adding upon user’s choice the date, and one or several words of the identifier: the first one has 10000 possibilities, the first two have 200 million possibilities, and the first three 300 thousand billion: robust at web scale
  • A digitally signed document can be generated as an approval of an other, thus enabling easy and flexible approval enterprise processes.