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Is this the latest version?

Which one is the latest?

Is it related to this project? Customer?

Using KeeeX, you organize and link files in seconds

Chain files versions

Define concepts, categories

Link related files, comment, agree…

Delete duplicates and obsolete versions at no risk

How does KeeeX's connect files work ?
  • The KeeeX id acts as a name and embedded pointer to other documents. These links can be traversed exactly like links in web pages.
  • KeeeX automatically embeds a link to a previous version.
  • KeeeX automatically generates keywords from folder hierarchies that are injected into keeexed documents, so as to preserve and enhance your existing organisation.
  • KeeeX accepts more than 200 document formats, thus allowing the whole variety of your contents to be interlinked: pdf to word to jpg to zip…