Was the document received?


Has next version started?

Is a new version available?

KeeeX informs the author along the entire lifecycle of a document.

When a user receives or verifies it

When a new version is KeeeXed

When an approval is produced

How does KeeeX's collaboration work ?

The KeeeX app notifies via our server all the participants in a collboration when:

  • a file is shared with them, by the initiator or a tier,
  • the file is locally verified (thus acting as a proof of receipt), even with a future tier,
  • a new version is started, then created, (or cancelled)
  • a document is formally approved

The KeeeX app automatically detects and verifies the files received via a synchronized cloud folder.

KeeeX automatically moves an incoming file next to its previous version when available.

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