KeeeX is a very simple desktop app, available for Windows, OSX and Linux, that uses best in class cryptographic protection technologies, that never transfers a single nyte of your data to our servers, and hence warrants their absolute confidentiality.



With KeeeX ChatOps, you work and collaborate with files in trust

Multi Cloud Sharing

KeeeX ChatOps remembers all your sharing preferences (email, internet, cloud) on a per receiver basis, and encrypts all exchanges for absolute « zero knowledge » privacy

Connect Files

Using KeeeX ChatOps, you organize and link files in seconds

Navigate, Find Instantly

With KeeeX ChatOps, you always find files in a snap wherever they are stored, even on the web


KeeeX ChatOps implements an User Defined Encryption scheme to protect files on their way to their receiver, whichever their sharing preferences


KeeeX ChatOps informs the author along the entire lifecycle of a document

Blockchain Integration

KeeeX is natively compatible with blockchains and delivers continuous trust that ranges from file integrity, security, identity to blockchain proof of existence at a given date

Plugins, Extensions

KeeeX ChatOps servs a developer API that allows for implementing unlimited extensions, and bi-directional connectors to web APIs, legacy software, third party app plugin


KeeeX ChatOps can be delivered under Server licences that allow for implementing Bots


How does this work ?

KeeeX seamlessly embeds within any file a unique, verifiable and pronounceable identifier. The KeeeX user, now owner of his data, is free to produce any unique content, to find any document wherever it resides, to obtain in a click an original, a reference, the most recent version, all this across multiple clouds, ECMs, disks…

By using KeeeX, you certify the author and rights of a file, contract or message, and what’s more you share without ever wondering over which environment.

KeeeX rebuilds your relationship with files and their addressees.