titan 4.0.0 (02/11/2017)

  • Improved graphic user interface (GUI).
  • Be able to customize theme: colorize and set visibility of GUI.
  • Improved the loader, the application launches faster.
  • Updated KeeeX Core, more ability to keeex a zip-based file.
  • Updated plugin manager.
  • Updated NWJS to v0.25.4.

tigon 3.3.3 (12/07/2017)

  • Bug fix: registration Fido U2F.
  • Bug fix: missing digital signature when keeexing whole folder.
  • Bug fix: missing digital signature when keeexing comment.


tigon 3.3.2 (5/05/2017)

  • Bug fix: crash when changing the avatar in some situations.
  • Bug fix: could not login after resetting the password in some situations.


tigon 3.3.1 (9/03/2017)

  • Updated NWJS to v0.20.2. (bug fixes and file transfer improvements).
  • Considerable improvement of operation under extremely low quality network conditions.
  • Added “Create Tag” into Document menu.
  • Redesigned KeeeX folder structure: KeeeX folder was moved into Documents in user profile.
  • Improved KeeeX Cards Plugin (Column based project management).
  • Fix history navigation.
  • Fix auto updater.
  • Improve and fix several UI problems.


tigon 3.3.0 (19/01/2017)

  • Update NWJS to v0.19.3.
  • Beta test BIP32 digital signature.
  • Big UI improvements: right menu with more flexible actions.
  • Allow to quickly create private chat with a contact.
  • Some bugs fixed.


tigon 3.2.0 (14/10/2016)

  • Allow to create group of contacts, to duplicate contact in multiple groups.
  • Allow to create group of channels.
  • Allow to add favorite tags quickly.
  • Able to open links in comment in default browser.
  • Add in-app tutorial in help menu.
  • Improve downloading document in bad network.
  • Many minor bugs fixed and UI improvements.


tigon 3.1.0 (14/07/2016)

  • Beta testing channel feature
  • Allow to backup and to restore file data securely.
  • New « Blockchain signature » feature : the signature will be timestamp on Bitcoin Blockchain.
  • Improve the user interface.
  • Informs about the existence of a new version of a reference.
  • Improve the search query and allow to search the owned documents.
  • Many minor improvements.


tigon 3.0.0 (29/03/2016)

  • Change major version to tigon-3.x.x !
  • Fully anonymized encrypted container: senders and files are now untraceable.
  • Allow to timestamp any document on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Major improvements and changes in the user interface, now self explanatory to a large extent.
  • Informs about the existence of a new version of a reference.
  • Allow to batch import keeexed files from a folder.
  • Fix bug cannot keeex file when the keeexed file location is invalid.
  • Many minor improvements.


lydig 2.3.0 (18/01/2016)

  • Allow to authenticate with Universal Two Factor (U2F).
  • Display online contacts.
  • Option to choose target location for receiving documents.
  • Many minor improvements.


lydig 2.2.0 (31/12/2015)

  • Improved local database encryption and force quit recovery. Auto local database backup every 10 minutes.
  • Improved file sharing encrypted containers.
  • Switched from NodeJS and Perl to OpenSSL v.1.0.2d cryptography.
  • Operational license system.
  • Added bitcoin blockchain IDX: used for blockchain timestamping, smart contracts and virtual transferable property.
  • Fix bug: crash when creating new version.
  • Fix bug: crash when displaying the drop window.
  • Many minor improvements.


lydig 2.1 (12/10/2015)

  • Bug fix: cannot add EXIF metadata on Linux.
  • Bug fix: error when sharing file with unicode characters in name between MacOS and Windows.
  • Bug fix: fails to remove the temporary file when creating a comment.
  • Fix: online verification of digital signature changed to http://www.coinig.com/ since BrainWalllet ceased operation.
  • Allow to dynamically share external references to enable collaborative processes.
  • Allow to encrypt the local database.
  • Allow users to activate their license.
  • Allow licensed users to invite free users to collaborate using pro features.
  • Change behavior “New search” to “Save search”.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Semantic search on Notification pane.


lydig 2.0 (08/08/2015)

KeeeX is not a Beta anymore.

  • A fantastic UI, redesigned from the grounds up.
  • Menus show up at the top, right click actions, and many more.
  • Notifications are now document centric, allowing for a detailed event history.
  • In app fully private messaging.
  • Comment chat over any document or message.
  • Document preview now available: PDF, Open documents (ODT, ODS, ODP) and Images.
  • Split share documents to independent groups of recipients.
  • Search now supports negation.
  • Saved searches.
  • The Mac app is now signed and has an installer.

lydig 1.15 (18/06/2015)

  • Allow get notification from multiple devices.
  • Allow automatically download through system proxy.
  • Fix bug: can not decrypt the sharing documents.


lydig 1.13 (06/05/2015)

  • Improved crypto module, more space/upload time efficient.
  • New automatic shared secret generation using state of the art Diffie Hellman algorithm, for ease of use.
  • Email now supports encryption.
  • Email now always uses automatic weblinks instead of manual attachments.
  • Recipient is notified when a sharing option is changed.
  • Contact list is sorted by activity, so that frequent collaborators show up first.
  • Sharing pane automatically opens after keeexing the document.
  • Notifications can be filtered by text involving either topic name, user name or topic IDX.
  • User is warned when dropping a non keeexed file on the ‘reference’ area.


lydig 1.11 (27/03/2015)

  • Fix bug: position of Add button typing an email in user search textbox.
  • Fix bug: do not display share notification without receiver.
  • Fix bug: retype password dialog is blocked after clicking on Cancel button.
  • Fix bug: duplicate verify notification if resharing the document to shared users.


lydig 1.10 (24/03/2015)

  • Fix bug: crash when changing signed folder in settings.
  • Fix bug: html file was saved as txt file in receiver side.
  • Add “Request Contact” notification.
  • Require password to view secret (more secure).
  • Notification interface: now document centric.
  • Remove “use digital signature” checkbox from keeexing side.
  • Do not display your own avatar in shared list if you don’t share to yourself.
  • Turn “New Version” button to green if you are currently working on a new version.
  • Turn “Agree” button to green if you agreed the document.
  • Change folder context, concept, agreement, mine topic to html format.


lydig 1.9 (05/02/2015)

  • Fix bug: crash when setting share method.
  • Fix bug: wrong file location when creating new version.
  • Fix bug: cannot keeex some documents.
  • Update new feature: allow to create new document, saved in html format.
  • Update encryption method, more secure when sharing.
  • Improve French translation text.
  • Improve sharing tutorial.
  • Remove user from preparing list if he/she is already shared.
  • Update user avatar when displaying his/her profile.
  • Allow to click on avatar in shared list to display user profile.


lydig 1.8 (29/01/2015)

  • Fix bug: replace origin document by encrypted when sharing by folder.
  • Move the document shared by weblink next to previous.
  • Change extension of encrypted documents to .keeex.


lydig 1.7 (26/01/2015)

  • Fix bug: display sharing user list.
  • Fix bug: make wrong previous version link (since lydig-1.6).
  • Fix bug: wrong file path when navigating history.
  • Display always on-top windows, simply to drop document.
  • Encrypted sharing document with user-defined secret.
  • Refer to sticky topics when creating new concept.
  • Remove custom scroll to save CPU.


lydig 1.6 (12/01/2015)

  • Fix bug: reference itself when dropping on reference area.
  • Fix bug: add references or set previous when signing folder.
  • Fix bug: notification stops working after logging exception.
  • Support French language.
  • Notify to the shared users when someone starts new version.
  • Notity to the author when someone verifies his document.
  • Allow the author add the verifier to the shared list.
  • Allow to share by weblink.
  • Improve search autocomplete.
  • Add icon on shared users to indicate: starting new version or agreed.
  • Move the next version next to the previous.
  • Change the color of references.
  • Change default folder level from 1 to 10.
  • Display topic information when clicking on references instead of making search.


lydig 1.5 (4/12/2014)

  • Add sharing feature: allow user to share the documents by email or other applications (Dropbox, Wuala, ..)
  • Add sticky topic feature: faster to add references.
  • Add file format pattern into metadata: file name will be rebuilt when creating new version.
  • Save window size from last session.
  • On Windows, register to open .keeex file by App in installer.
  • Publish the keeexed document and share using weblink: the document will be uploaded on Jaguar Network.
  • Treat folder as a file when keeexing: allow adding references and using signature.
  • Support more document formats: ‘docm’, ‘dotx’, ‘dotm’, ‘xps’, ‘pptm’, ‘potm’, ‘potx’, ‘ppsx’, ‘ppsm’, ‘thmx’, ‘xlsm’, ‘xltx’, ‘xltm’, ‘xlsb’, ‘xlam’.
  • Fixed corrupted docx file if creating a new version without changing anything from the old one.
  • Fixed can’t sign document with some special characters in name on OSX.
  • Fixed clean temporary files created when keeexing.


lydig 1.4 (5/11/2014)

  • Add blockchain (currently Bitcoin) ECC PKI signature: using IDX as signed message.
  • Allow to trust the bitcoin public address.
  • Add an option to set up bitcoin key pair in ‘settings’ tab.
  • Allow for batch signing an entire folder (recursively).
  • Add splashscreen tutorial window.
  • Auto update notification pane (whenever new notifications are received).
  • Fixed display ‘out of date’ page if having a network problem (too slow or disconnect) when running keeex.
  • Fixed cannot ‘locate’ (show in folder) topic with single quote in name on OSX.
  • Fixed be unable to scroll when clicking to view suggested previous versions list.
  • Fixed be unable to request API if user changes system proxy.


lydig 1.3 (21/10/2014)

  • Choose KeeeXed file name format (add date and more).
  • Add preset formats for KeeeXed file name.
  • Select folder depth added as references when KeeeXing files.
  • Temporary files are no longer deleted to avoid data loss.
  • Fixed wrong version chaining when a file is verified while creating concept.
  • Fixed crash when clicking several times on ‘login’ button.
  • Fixed ‘Force’ button which remains for further verification.


lydig 1.2 (10/10/2014)

  • Fixed crash on network exception
  • Append metadata at the end of file when standard signature fail (for example secure PDF)
  • Exception reporting
  • Added forgotten password link on login window

lydig 1.1 (07/10/2014)

  • Improved version display (previous, next, last)
  • More precise messages and information
  • Change icons for ‘Add into references’ and ‘Set as previous’
  • Allow to set previous version for keeexed file
  • Verify again when displaying topic information from database
  • Prevent running the dead versions
  • Stop auto chaining version in bad process -> set manually
  • Click on ‘suggested previous’ to see similar naming topics
  • Fixed search with unicode string and special characters
  • Missing ‘Searchable’ field when inserting an older version into database
  • Search older version even if ‘All’ is not chosen
  • Set previous version to the latest when deleting the latest
  • Fixed crash when removing an external reference from a topic
  • Fixed encoding error in name and description text field

lydig 1.0 (22/09/2014)

  • Improve user interface: clearer, more readable and interactive
    • – click to navigate between versions (previous, next, latest)
    • – click on IDX to search with the current document
    • – click on avatar to search his/her documents
    • – click on References to search linked documents
    • – click on search result to view details
  • Add notifications:
    • – notify the author when his/her documents are verified
    • – notify the author when a new version is available
  • New search feature (left pane):
    • – search with text
    • – search with Reference(s)
    • – or combine both !
  • Setup configuration:
    • – change the destination (signed) folder
    • – or locate keeexed files as same as the original
  • Upload an avatar
  • Add remove document from database
  • Can create concept
  • Easier to make references between documents
  • Enable sticky topics (which are used as default references when keeex-ing new document)
  • Can remove reference(s) from document (database only)
  • Automatically link to previous version when a document is KeeeXed by:
    • – preserved metadata
    • – IDR part in file name (generated when clicking on ‘Start new version’)
    • – file name (exactly name)
  • New FAQ list
  • Share KeeeXed document by email
  • Automatically set KeeeXed file as read-only (avoid modification)
    • – after keeex-ing
    • – after verifing successfully

xirah 0.2 (01/08/2014)

  • Advanced signing (‘more’ button): add description or links files with drag&drop
  • Add new metadata field: date
  • Notify when a new version is available
  • Add extra field information {mine} for MINE reference
  • Replace metadata when resigning a file
  • Solved some issues when metadata is duplicate
  • Fixed issue when writing data to local database
  • Clean temporary files
  • Better error handling

xirah 0.1 (25/07/2014)

  • Full support of Office files (docx, etc)
  • Improved text indexing for PDF files
  • Fixed open folder on Linux
  • Fixed issue on Windows: signer is invalid

xirah 0.0 (17/07/2014)

  • First version