Start developing KeeeX plugins!

Get started in KeeeX plugin development quickly.


The latest KeeeX version embeds a local API which can be used to develop plugins, extensions or connectors communicating with KeeeX and allowing you to display and interact with KeeeX data and/or other programs or services.

As a company, you may want to have a connector to your internal database or your email client : all these are possible via KeeeX plugins.

NodeJS is not hard to learn : it’s basically JavaScript !

Node Webkit allows you to create UI easily with web technologies such as HTML and CSS

We already implemented local API calls in a NPM package : easy to implement, and kickstart your plugin project !

Plugin Manager can be launched from the KeeeX interface, managing plugins publication, installation and updates.

The NPM package keeex-api already contains all possible calls to the local API, so you can directly focus on what really matters to you : your plugin. And creating a KeeeX plugin is as simple as the lines below.

You can find our repositories here :

Feel free to look, or fork any plugin that may suit your needs ! We developed some plugins, and they are licensed under MIT license. They might give you ideas on how to interact with a local KeeeX application.

Getting Started

To start developping KeeeX plugins, you will need the following requirements :

  • Node JS 4.X
  • nw.js 0.12.3
  • Grunt

Then, you can clone the Hello World Plugin :

git clone
cd helloWorldPlugin
npm install
cd src
npm install

Now you workspace should be ready. The source code of the plugin sits in the src folder. For your tests, you can start the plugin by giving the MARKDOWN_HASH25d902c24283ab8cfbac54dfa101ad31MARKDOWN_HASH folder directly to nwjs. When you’re happy with your work, you can then MARKDOWN_HASHa6f0a4250b9d07f421d0f9641031f7d1MARKDOWN_HASH, keeex the zip file within KeeeX ChatOps and publish it on the Plugin Manager.

The full API documentation is available here.

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