Photo Proof Pro

Prove, timestamp, geolocate and dematerialise all your actions on the ground with photos, videos and probative forms

A turnkey solution that adapts to your business needs

Photo Proof Pro by KeeeX is the combination of a mobile application, a management backoffice and optionally a web portal. Our solution allows the real-time collection of photo, video and data evidence via customizable forms. The collected media is authenticated, timestamped, geolocated and can be sent directly to your servers without KeeeX intervention.


Unforgeable photos and videos

Proof of integrity in files, verifiable without time limits or third parties

Digital signature

Authenticity guaranteed, 100% eIDAS signature compliant

Secure timestamp

To the second via time server. Optional eIDAS qualified timestamping

Blockchain proof of existence

Deposit of a universal and immutable proof of existence on Bitcoin

GPS coordinates

Sealed in the photos. Possible to restrict shooting if GPS signal is not accurate

Contextual metadata

Tags, references, batch or product numbers can be added in the media

Secure sending to your servers

By API, SFTP or email. The data is sent directly to you.

One-click scenario

It can be done via a QR code scan, a clickable link or authentication

Our clients use it for :

Remote audit/expertise

Raw material, goods, container, vehicle, construction, project

Entry/exit inventory of fixtures

Real estate, automobile, movable property rental

Proof of attendance

Event, loading bay, meeting, general meeting, field actions

Documents dematerialisation

Digital duplicate of paper document, receipt, invoice

PDF report generation

Survey report, pre-filling of CERFA form, inventory of fixtures

Proof of an event

Professional, humanitarian, sports, solidarity, educational, training

Proof of consent

Transfer of responsibility, inventory of fixtures signature

Consistency / compliance check

Conflicting photo evidence, consistency with theoretical data

Photo Proof Pro travels for you

Ask your employees, subcontractors, partners or customers for field evidence. Send them your tailor-made scenario, automatically or manually, and instantly receive the form data, photos and/or videos directly on your servers.

The mobile app


ADVANTAGES & benefits


  • Tailor-made scenarios for your brand, adjustable at any time (created in a few hours

  • Verifiability without time limit or future costs of documents and evidence (AI / litigation etc…)

  • Documents transmitted on your servers (GDPR according to your own constraints)

  • No trusted third party (verifiability without KeeeX)

  • No digital vault (files that carry their own evidence)

  • Documents eligible for marketing (photo -> insurer / customer)

  • Unlimited scalability





  • Creation of new users based on assigned permissions

  • Access to usage statistics by user

  • Creation of QR codes and clickable links by scenario and user (moral or physical)
  • Creation of tags to simplify the search process for each user
  • Access to designed scenarios

Visualisation portal




  • Viewing photos, videos, data by scenario
  • Quick creation of QR codes
  • Sending an email for user containing QR code or clickable link
  • User portal access management
  • Creation of search filters by file, photo, video, form…


Is the application usable even in poor conditions?

Yes, perfectly! Once connected, media protection is done locally on the phone. The timestamp and the sending of the information to your server are done once the Internet connection is restored.

How long does it take to deploy?

The deployment is very fast. The generic Photo Proof Pro mobile application is available on the Android and Apple stores. Creating a custom scenario takes a few hours. Setting up to receive the elements on your server is also very quick, just open an API route (we can also set up a proxy) or provide a storage server (sftp, object storage).

Why you rather than a competitor?

For various reasons! We like to say that you will like us because you can leave us whenever you want. KeeeX is not a trusted third party. By embedding evidence directly into photos and videos, your files remain verifiable for free, with no time limit, even without KeeeX. Your photos can be reused in your business processes or help train image recognition algorithms.

What is the legal validity of your solution ?

Photo Proof Pro is 100% eIDAS compliant. We embed integrity, date and digital signature evidence in your files. By opting for qualified time stamping, you benefit from a presumption of validity by default. Because keeexed files carry their own evidence record, our clients typically see a reduction in disputes by providing them to the other party.

What elements can I include in a scenario?

You can include in a scenario your logo, titles, text fields, drop-down lists, date fields, photo or video shots, manual signatures, mandatory fields, pre-filled fields.

Can I use it in different countries?

Yes, our mobile application Photo Proof Pro by KeeeX is now used in more than 50 countries. It is already available in different languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese. Other languages can be added on demand.

Interested in dematerializing your business process with our application ? Contact us ! 👇