Use this button to download KeeeX ChatOps for GNU/Linux. You can find below instructions and troubleshooting. Please note: this is a amd64/x86_64 compiled binary.

Download ChatOps for Debian/Ubuntu/Mint (x64 DEB Package)

Download ChatOps for GNU/Linux (x64 ZIP Archive)


Download the ZIP file, extract it where you want to keep the binaries, then run in the binary directory:

$ chmod +x ./KeeeX
Then, use this command to run KeeeX ChatOps:
$ //KeeeX

You can also create a shortcut in your Desktop Environment.

If ChatOps doesn’t run properly

KeeeX ChatOps needs the hidapi-hidraw0 library to be installed on your system to work correctly. This library allows KeeeX ChatOps to use Fido U2F keys to secure your KeeeX account. Here are most popular distributions’ way to install hidapi-hidraw0 library.

    • Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint and derivates : download DEB package, then :
       # apt-get install gdebi-core (installs gdebi)
       # gdebi keeex.deb
    • ArchLinux and derivates : use the AUR package with pacaur
       # pacaur -S keeex
    • Red Hat, Fedora and derivates : use provided ZIP, then
       # dnf update
       # dnf install hidapi
    • Open SUSE : use provided ZIP, then
      Visit package/libhidapi-hidraw0 and install the library.

Having troubles?

Contact us, we’ll be glad to help you!