KeeeX provides an infrastructure free scheme for Open Access

At KeeeX, we are leveraging a patented innovation allowing to augment virtually any file with integrity/authenticity/linking cleartext searchable metadata that opens new perspectives for Open Access (and more generally Open Data).

  • file integrity and authorship are builtin.
  • references to other papers and documents, semantic classification and context are builtin.
  • wherever a file is found, it can be verified as genuine using our simple client or a web site.

This means that:

  • Open Research can be published *anywhere*: including a publicly available cloud folder.
  • Open Access documents can be retrieved using general purpose search engines.
  • any document that refers to another document, if keeexed, will allow to embed the exact identifier to its references, that can themselves be searched then verified locally as genuine.

Of course we provide a paid solution for businesses, but also we develop an academic program, and in any case producing some amount of publishable documents will be possible using the free version.

I’d be extremely happy to help anyone reading this to test KeeeX, for instance in the purpose of studying its potential in Open Access.

If you’re an academic and are willing to use KeeeX in your institute, please feel free to contact us.

This post was created as a comment to a discussion about the future of Open Access publishing.

How Social Certificates may help build Decentralized Trust

These slides were presented at the World e-Id and Cybersecurity conference in Marseille (xuheg)

KeeeX lets users define their own identity settings using a social certificates: people who know you ensure that you are the one you pretend, in the absence of a certificate authority.

Social certificates can be renewed, published, revoked at any time, at no cost.

KeeeX won an award at World Smart Week in the category e-Id and Cybersecurity.

KeeeX is a unique no infrastructure, #nosaas solution.

KeeeX Finalist Twice at World Smart Week Awards

KeeeX Finalist Twice at World Smart Week Awards

Meet us at World Smart Week, in Marseille, from the 15th to the 17th of September.

KeeeX is finalist in two categories of the Word Smart Week Awards!!!: Digital Identity & Cybersecurity, and Connected Security.

Note that Laurent Henocque is also talking in two collocated events:

World e-Id and Cybersecurity, Identity and Protection Services for Government, Mobility and Enterprise: How Social Certificates May Help Build Decentralized Trust.


Connect Security Word, Technologies for Trusted Mobility & Transactions: How One to One Sharing Enforces Secure Collaboration.

KeeeX 2.0 is available – the most unique Enterprise Social Network ever !

KeeeX 2.0 is available – the most unique Enterprise Social Network ever !

Well, this incredible release rocks !

You have discovered KeeeX in October 2014 as a unique Content Management System.
Then in February 2014 as a unique private by design sharing solution over any cloud or NFS drive.
Now you probably have the most amazing Enterprise Social Network ever, plus all that precedes.
This is not a beta anymore. Every new or existing personal user account gets two free months, starting now.

For company accounts, please contact us.

Enjoy 🙂

The KeeeX Team, proudly, with many thanks to all who trust and support us in many ways.

KeeeX + Twitter + Google = Easy Timestamping

KeeeX + Twitter + Google = Easy Timestamping

We had good news lately (2015 May the 19th exactly): Google indexes Twitter again!

So KeeeX provides the Digital Identity, Twitter provides the Date (and internal search), and Google independently confirms the date and provides global Search



To achieve this, we simply tweet the KeeeX Id of a document, adding the hashtag #kxts (for KeeeX TimeStamping).

So who needs to timestamp? When?

  • You’re a Photographer or Poet, Writer… and publish you Art: obtain the proof that you owned the original at a given date
  • You’re an Author, and need a proof that you owned a (possibly private) document before you communicate it to a tier
  • You’re an Inventor, Researcher, Company, and need a proof that you had an idea or document at a given date

And, yes, there are glorious ancestors, just check Wikipedia on Trusted Timestamping. For instance, Sir Isaac Newton shared the ‘hash’ 6accdae13eff7i3l9n4o4qrr4s8t12ux to Leibniz.

Today, I shared the unique IDX ticeh-mahof-tamob-gucan-lines-kumap…poxut. Via Twitter. Hopefully you will find this with Google.

Have fun timestamping using KeeeX, Twitter, with the help of a global search engine (waiting for more of them to index this kind of content)


KeeeX now encrypts and sends in 1 click, according to per user settings

KeeeX now encrypts and sends in 1 click, according to per user settings

KeeeX beta Lydig 1.7 is online! Now, your files and documents are by default automatically sent via weblinks via a partnership with Jaguar Network, or can be copied to your favorite cloud sync or shared folders.

And they are instantly received, and automatically moved next to their previous version if any.

They are also ultimately protected from prying eyes by automatic client side AES 256 encryption, and automatic receiver side decryption. No stress, no risk in the confidentiality of your industrial of intellectual property.

You pick a shared secret with a collaborator. KeeeX recalls it, as long as you need.

How KeeeX can help you

How KeeeX can help you

The slideshow presented on december the 17th at EMD Marseille during the « La Crise? What Else? » event. You will understand better why KeeeX offers an unprecedented solution of document management, organization, collaboration, multi channel sharing, search, digital signature. And how KeeeX pacifies the digital no man’s land, when our files navigate in between organizations, clouds and folders.

KeeeX Laureate – Most Innovative IT Startup PACA 2014 «Security & Digital Identities»

KeeeX Laureate – Most Innovative IT Startup PACA 2014 «Security & Digital Identities»

(Text in french – apologies)

Marseille, le 15 octobre 2014 – La Start-up Marseillaise KeeeX est lauréate du concours PME Innovantes du Numérique PACA 2014, catégorie «Sécurité & Identités Numériques».

Attribué par le pôle de compétitivité mondial SCS – Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées – la Région, les incubateurs et des associations de Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, ce prix récompense le logiciel KeeeX qui simplifie drastiquement l’organisation et le partage de documents numériques.

Avec KeeeX, les utilisateurs trouvent toujours le bon fichier, vite. Finies les pertes de temps et situations confuses au quotidien !

Un passage éclair par l’application KeeeX – action de «keeexer (1)» – et tout fichier (2) se dote de propriétés qui vont grandement simplifier et sécuriser le partage et la collaboration entre collaborateurs, partenaires, clients.

Un fichier keeexé, c’est un document vérifié, dans lequel on peut avoir 100% confiance, sans douter de son auteur, de son contenu, de son authenticité.
Un fichier keeexé, c’est un document connecté, désormais lié à ses différentes versions et à des documents relatifs, selon un contexte par exemple.
Un fichier keeexé, c’est un document social qui, même s’il est publié, échangé ou archivé, reste toujours immédiatement trouvable et garde le contact avec son auteur, sa communauté de lecteurs, notifiant des changements au fil de l’eau (nouvelle version disponible, etc).

KeeeX est une application légère, téléchargeable gratuitement sur, actuellement disponible en version Beta. Elle est conçue comme un véritable compagnon des utilisateurs, extrêmement simple à adopter et à utiliser, pour une valeur ajoutée maximale immédiate dans les entreprises : gain de temps, gain de productivité, confiance retrouvée.

Ne nécessitant aucune infrastructure, ni tiers de confiance, ni téléchargement sur un service web (cloud), KeeeX se distingue radicalement des solutions de signature numérique et de gestion documentaire du marché.

KeeeX est le fruit de plusieurs années de recherche initiée et menée par son fondateur Laurent Henocque. Brevetée, la technologie de KeeeX est résolument innovante, permettant à tout fichier de contenir ses propres éléments de confiance et d’organisation.

Rendez-vous sur pour télécharger et tester gratuitement l’application (Beta).

Liens: communiqué de presse

(1) Keeexer : action qui consiste à doter un document de propriétés uniques et innovantes de confiance et d’organisation.
(2) KeeeX accepte un très grand nombre de fichiers courants : bureautique (word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, …), image (jpeg, gif, raw, …), multimédia (mp4, mov, …), informatique (sources, html, …).

Efficient Collaboration

Efficient Collaboration

Collaborating efficiently first requires that all participants view the same documents. This is not so obvious in general after a few rounds of exchanging documents by multiple ways, once via a cloud, once by email, once on a usb key… Even by email alone. The multiplication of versions, the difficulty of sharing the precise versions of other contextual documents present as implicit or explicit references, progressively renders the task of knowing what we are working with a challenge when not a nightmare.

More aspects of collaboration amount to accountability (who did this), notifications (when) and formal approval/signature processes.

This white paper attempts to give a hint of how KeeeX addresses these issues in the most lightweight and seamless way ever.

Ensure file equality

Efficient collaboration first requires that all participants work on the same documents. This can never be ensured using conventional file sending/sharing workflows, where unwanted mistakes most often causes errors.

The current approach to this problem amounts to massive centralization, of apps and storage, through centralized servers (as e.g. Google for work), or at least via cloud sharing (box apps, apple iCloud).

KeeeX offers a simple alternative, whereby files can be verified as unmodified by all participants. Verification works locally, hence is immune to any kind of man in the middle attack, and does not expose potentially strategic data to the cloud

Link references

Producing knowledge requires huge amounts of more input knowledge. As important as knowing what we are reading is to know what references we have and maybe share. Being able to access the exact same reference document as another participant is key to collaboration.

Current ECM solutions manage this at the expense of huge centralized databases, either deployed company wide or available via SAAS solutions.

KeeeX lets you embed references inside documents themselves.Then, these references can be navigated, exactly like you click and search on the internet. All participants in a collaboration gain the unique possibility of reading references when they are readily available, or searching or requesting an exact copy to a collaborator.

Manage Versions

Collaborating requires a careful naming and managing of file versions. Standard user process names versions by using numbers, most often cluttered by project accidents
“This is v2b3-by laurent after meeting”

Again, current ECM solutions manage this at the expense of huge centralized databases, either deployed company wide or available via SAAS solutions.

KeeeX innovates by placing a link to the previous version in every document. There can be several previous, and of course several ‘next’ versions. KeeeX tracks this information to deliver instant navigation to the latest version. KeeeX also uses notifications to track versions before they are actually present on your machine. So should you decide to start upgrading what you think is the latest, you will be warned that it isn’t.

Ensure Authorship and Accountability

Accountability is a key item in data governance. Being able to know who is the author of a given document’s alteration is essential.

KeeeX inserts in every keeexed document a reference to its author (most often the user who does the keeexing is indeed the author). The version history of a document make the picture perfectly clear. Should a difference finding program be required to pinpoint the precise differences, KeeeX makes it ultimately accurate, because there can be no doubt about which files must be compared.

Be Notified

When a document is shared or sent for review, agreement, or upgrade to collaborators, it is essential  that the author, or maybe every person in the sharing group, to be informed about relevant activity.

KeeeX will notify the author every time a user verifies his document, then will notify of any new version.

Deal with standard processes

Standard document processes comprise collective agreement, digital signature round, peer reviewing etc.

Such processes are commonly offered through SaaS solutions, as e.g. Docusign, Contract Live…

KeeeX helps tracking the comments, agreements or rejects relative to documents by using the possibility to link notes to the original document, and dynamically listing these notes.
Digital signatures can be inserted into any file format supporting picture embedding (as does pdf and most office formats), so as to create a chain or set of digitally signed versions.


Efficient collaboration requires tools and services now offered through centralized solutions, whether they are corporate wide database systems, or web service enabled.
KeeeX invents the social, connected, trusted document. It does so by embedding trust, organization, authorship, links to references. Yes, inside every document.