KeeeX joins Blockchain season 1 of Start@SystemX !

KeeeX joins Blockchain season 1 of Start@SystemX !

After joining LaBChain, the 1st European Blockchain Consortium, KeeeX continues its development strategy and demonstrates the interest of many sectors in its technology. The startup integrates the Blockchain season 1 of the System @ IRX Start @ SystemX program!

This initiative gives to selected startups the opportunity to work with industrial and academic partners of the IRT SystemX.

IRT SystemX is positioning itself as an accelerator of digital transformation. Focusing on the digital engineering of the future systeme, its research projects cover the scientific and technological stakes of the transport and mobility, energy, digital security and communications industrial sectors.

For 6 months, Start@SystemX and its partners are launching several objectives:

  • Bringing in and developing new uses, particularly in logistics, connected cars, energy or mobility, including associated document management;
  • Develop new hardware and/or software security solutions, including identity management, data confidentiality, encrypted data processing, formal proof of smart contracts or zero-knowledge disclosure;
  • Developing innovative cross-transactional architecture and interoperability of blockchain technologies (examples: state channel, sidechains, chains in graph form, etc.).

By integrating its technology engine into the Blockchain for Smart Transactions platform, KeeeX will enable its partners to use its embedded digital signature technology to certify data and documents and to enable traceability of the various processes.

More info : click here

KeeeX joins LaBChain, the first European Blockchain consortium!

KeeeX joins LaBChain, the first European Blockchain consortium!

Dedicated to Blockchain technology, it brings together today bankers, asset managers, insurers, mutualists, start-ups, industrial companies and associations.

Created by the Caisse des Dépôts in December 2015, LaBChain is an innovation laboratory dedicated to distributed ledger technology. It aims at factoring exploration approaches and collectively anticipating the opportunities and impacts of this technological breakthrough.

This initiative supports the development of the French ecosystem in Blockchain technology by organizing its work around partnerships between large groups and start-ups.

The LaBChain consortium organizes :

– a “Do Tank”, where each partner provides resources to identify and prototype, in agile mode, possible implementation scenarios of this technology, and shares concrete and feasible use cases implemented by one or more of the Blockchain stakeholders. Today, several experiments (POC) have been carried out or are under way, notably on digital identity and KYC or the collateral securities management.

– a “Think Tank” to answer the questions raised by the work of the “Do Tank” and to improve the understanding of the stakes of this technology, in connection with institutional regulatory partners.

KeeeX ChatOps Tigon 3.3, the new version is live

KeeeX ChatOps Tigon 3.3, the new version is live

We are very pleased and proud to announce the new version of KeeeX ChatOps.

Our direct messaging retains all of its features : document certification, fully confidential exchanges, versioning management, document chaining, digital signatures, Blockchain timestamping and many more.

KeeeX ChatOps Tigon 3.3 presents two great new features:

– A new interface more ergonomic, allowing a simplified and intuitive use.

– The ability to create peer-to-peer video conferences in one click.

Obviously, KeeeX ChatOps remains ultra-secure and respects your privacy.

All the data is yours, on your side !

Thank you for your confidence

Meet us at FIC 2017 – January 24th – 25th, 2017 – Lille

Meet us at FIC 2017 – January 24th – 25th, 2017 – Lille

Partner of the International Cybersecurity Forum, we exhibit in innovation space on 24-25 January on Booth D3 with start-ups and SMEs that are developing tomorrow’s security technologies.

Exchange with us around cyber security and Blockchain and test our applications : KeeeX ChatOps (ultra-secure collaboration), PhotoProof by KeeeX (Blockchain camera) and Keeex Core (our back office certification technology via API).

See you soon !

KeeeX Deploys Bitcoin BIP32 Self Sovereign Identity

KeeeX Deploys Bitcoin BIP32 Self Sovereign Identity

For the first time ever, BIP32 hierarchical deterministic wallets can be used to self define, publish, and revoke a cryptographic identity. This identity can be used to generate one time signatures for every item signed, hence achieving unprecedented signature security.

How it works

The identity is defined as the public master key of any node in a bip32 tree. This pub key can be shared, published at will, for instance on social networks.

Every signature can be traced to the corresponding public master key without ever exposing the corresponding private master key.

A demo

To test, you may download our demo file, then verify it on, and hopefully search the web for the master identity used: xpub6BBj7rHc3YY3v3Xxj4B7UHSuM6bQJSPugj3BRY7yaHEZg8HDSEkoBfWJqbbXCB9ECjcJp3vV1CzrPmMdeLCGRLRTsvu5suE5UbbrYHg9D4p

You can play with BIP32 here.

Further reading

And view the BIP32 specifications there.

Meet KeeeX at CES 2017 Las Vegas

Meet KeeeX at CES 2017 Las Vegas

Come meet us at CES, January 5-8 2017, Eureka Park, Booth 51655.

Let’s meet there so you can discover our unprecedented, today unbelievable fully operational blockchain trust solutions that address embedded document integrity, multi signatures, Blockchain identities and timestamps as well as ultra secure agile collaboration.

Available for human as well as back office certified business processes.

Oh, and KeeeX still leaves all data on your side and always will. Cheat and Leak free.

The Blockchain : from Crypto Currency to Collaboration Ethics

The concept of a Blockchain, this unforgeable ledger freely available to all over the internet, provides the framework that allowed the crypto currency Bitcoin to emerge and operate. This is a tremendous innovation because the network of miners that secure the blockchain is in theory totally insensitive to any pressure, and the theoretical cost of attacking this network is very high (one million dollars per day is a frequently seen figure, not including many more other difficulties).

The idea of an autonomous peer to peer system has proved its resilience in the past. The BitTorrent protocol is a good unstoppable example. The idea of protecting data using cryptographic computations also proved its usefulness, as illustrated by BitTorrent again, and the Git version management system. Bitcoin validates its underlying blockchain in the most spectacular way : the system operates since 2009 with a market capitalization that tops $8.5B at the time of this writing. Bitcoin may well be the most attacked cryptographically based solution on earth.

It has become common to compare Bitcoin with electronic gold, since this currency is by design limited in volume, and its blockchain is more adapted (today) to a limited number of large transfers rather than to many micro transactions. However, with its robustness, this blockchain is also suitable for recording unforgeable proofs of existence, registered for eternity.

Every identifier, every code representing a virtual or real item may find its way to the blockchain, at the date given by the worldwide consensus of blockchain miners.

One may thus notarize (smart) diplomas, bills, contracts, pictures, proofs of insurance claims, identity, ownership. The applications are numerous to environments structurally devoid of trusted tiers. For instance, geographic areas having no land registry can be equipped straightforwardly. The blockchain allows for absolute confidence between individuals who do not know each other.

So, the most positive look that we can have on this technology is naturally ethical. The blockchain not only appears as an enabler, a source of savings, but also as a foundation for pacified relationships, within the economy, the industry, with official administrations, and for the respect of individual rights. This is so because, by granting a proof of existence to an entity, contract, signature, decision, agreement… at a given time, and without any risk of fraud, the blockchain eliminates up to the temptation of bad faith or lies.

The blockchain hence becomes an immaterial handshake, a man to man agreement even in a distance. A simple chat, once notarized, becomes an indisputable contract. The blockchain turns the virtual world again into the village that it had ceased to be.


Laurent Henocque on Blockchain and Ethics in les Echos (in French)

“… Hence the most positive viewpoint that we can have on this technology is naturally ethical. The blockchain is a facilitator and a source of savings. It also provides the foundation of pacified relationships, in the economy, industry, relation with authorities and the respect of individual rights. …”


KeeeX records proofs of your photos on the Bitcoin #blockchain

KeeeX records proofs of your photos on the Bitcoin #blockchain

KeeeX records at will proofs of existence of any of your files on the Bitcoin blockchain. On course, one may use this for very serious things : contracts, certified diplomas, minibonds, proofs of ownership or insurance claims…

But we may use this to immortalize our selfies forever! Specially with the latest KeeeX for Android beta, that is readily available. One full month free testing under the current terms.

For photographers and authors KeeeX also allows for injecting your copyright settings straight inside the document you’re publishing.

(Photo credit David Blackwell – Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic – Thanks)

KeeeX launches a Bug Bounty program to crack our encrypted container

KeeeX launches a Bug Bounty program to crack our encrypted container

We are publishing a bug bounty challenge to crack our encrypted container, thanks to

We are extremely proud to accompany the launch of their new bug bounty platform.

Note that KeeeX offers ultimate confidentiality by encrypting using totally anonymized containers (that neither disclose any hint of who are the sender and receivers nor of what is the data), that may further be exchanged using your own cloud or disk.

EMD Management chooses KeeeX to deploy their Smart Diplomas on the Bitcoin Blockchain

EMD Management chooses KeeeX to deploy their Smart Diplomas on the Bitcoin Blockchain

We are proud to announce that EMD Management has chosen KeeeX to provide certified smart diplomas to their students. Such smart diplomas can be verified as genuine at any point in the future by anyone, by just matching the Bitcoin blockchain ledger with the verified document and timestamp certificate. This operation simply amounts to dropping them on the free version of KeeeX.

The deal was concluded by Xavier Palou (EMD Director) and Laurent Henocque (KeeeX founder), by mutually digitally signing and blockchain timestamping a digital agreement, created in the form of a simple KeeeX discussion. The timestamp certificate can be found here, then downloaded and verified.

The EMD Alumni will now receive their smart diplomas, generated via KeeeX by one click operations. All participants remain in absolute control of the certified documents and proofs. The whole scheme is fully operational in the current KeeeX Tigon.

EMD will be relieved from responding to diploma validity inquiries.

KeeeX v3 ‘Tigon’ is live !

KeeeX v3 ‘Tigon’ is live !

We’re extremely proud and happy to have you on our side and welcome you on this blog.

The KeeeX team has been hard at work to release what we believe is among the most beautiful collaboration tools ever. It combines the power of a rich and agile professional instant messenger, fully private file sharing, versioning, chaining, tagging, commenting, approving, signing, timestamping, integrity…

The new KeeeX v3.0 is called ‘Tigon’, from the name of a delicate heart shaped flower, or sometimes of an hybrid of a lion and a tiger. It provides unprecedented ease of use, to initiate an instant chat, securely share a file, create a new version, manage a task list… All this without revealing a single byte of your data, in a decentralized way, beyond enterprise limits, without complex group or access rights, version name, date and password management. Away from email.

KeeeX Tigon also provides one clic timestamping over the Bitcoin blockchain of any contract, document, photograph, invention, creation, proof, copyright… You will create your own uses, or simply will love the fun of registering a selfie forever.

We also wish to inform you ahead of time that the current ‘Collaboration Launch’ plan allows for unlimited timestamping. Leak, cheat and tie-in free. Enjoy!

Laurent and the KeeeX team

KeeeX Now Supports FIDO U2F authentication

KeeeX Now Supports FIDO U2F authentication

As of  version 2.3.0 released end of January 2016, the amazing value of KeeeX if now further protected with universal 2 factor FIDO (the FIDO standard is promoted by the Fido Alliance). This means that you can use any FIDO device (as e.g. Neowave’s Keydo, Yubico’s key…) to protect your KeeeX account.

Further protecting your KeeeX account means protecting an amazing range of your unique serverless collaboration : messaging, chats, ECM (document and content management, versions, classification…), processes, search, integrity.

Records Management with KeeeX

KeeeX addresses a large number of Records Management (Wikipedia) issues as stated in this Wikipedia definition page. Let’s review some of them:

Concerning Digital Records

…It is more difficult to ensure that the content, context and structure of records is preserved and protected when the records do not have a physical existence. This has important implications for the authenticity, reliability, and trustworthiness of records…

KeeeX proves integrity, authenticity, authorship of virtually any digital content.

Particular concerns exist about the ability to access [and read] electronic records over time

KeeeX identifiers are indexed by search engines, hence allowing for unprecedented accessibility and robustness to renaming and moving.

Privacy, data protection, and identity theft have become issues of increasing interest.

KeeeX leaves files where originals are. No transfer is made for processing. When files need to be transferred, they are encrypted end to end. KeeeX implements digital signatures that prevent for identity theft as well.

The increased importance of transparency and accountability in public administration, marked by the widespread adoption of Freedom of Information laws, has led to a focus on the need to manage records so that they can be easily accessed by the public.

KeeeX allows for publishing documents that can be accessed by search engines, and hence made freely available to the public, who can verify their integrity for free. Check for instance this search:”xofos-bafek-zebug”.

Implementing required changes to organizational culture is a major challenge, since records management is often seen as an unnecessary or low priority administrative task that can be performed at the lowest levels within an organization.

Using KeeeX, documents are classified and protected as part of everyday work and do not require extraneous actions.

A difficult challenge for many enterprises is tied to the tracking of records through their entire information life cycle so that it’s clear, at all times, where a record exists or if it still exists at all.

KeeeX will help track all successive versions of a record. Each specific version can be meta searched anywhere, including on a company’s disks, to assess whether the file still exists or not.

The tracking of records through their life cycles allows records management staff to understand when and how to apply records related rules, such as rules for legal hold or destruction.

Specific rules can be attached to records either informally in embedded descriptions of more formally using classifiers. It becomes possible, even in the absence of any tool, to track on company’s disks and servers all record instances that should be legally present or that should legally have been deleted.

Concerning Physical Records

Records must be stored in such a way that they are accessible…

When a physical record has been scanned, it may naturally receive the KeeeX identifier of this scan, that can be used for storing and retrieving. This is so because these identifiers are humanized, and hence can be subject to alphabetical sorting. Such an archival strategy is considerably more robust to mis-classification than hierarchical folder archival.

(this complements a document previously published on Slideshare and this blog. As a proof that KeeeX provides unprecedented records management possibilities, you may try this web search:

#DataPrivacyDay is every day – Stop leaking your Intellectual Property

#DataPrivacyDay is every day – Stop leaking your Intellectual Property

Thursday January the 28th was #DataPrivacyDay (or #DataProtectionDay).

CEO, CTO, CIO, CFO, did you take any action?

Do you really still use email ???

Stop leaking your IP on email, untrusted clouds and collaboration solutions.

Stop leaking your IP with co-workers taking work at home using an untrusted synchronization system.

What will happen when you wish to file a patent and some obscure company has beaten you in the race with obvious cheating?

Start using KeeeX, the only durable, risk free, investment free, no-tie in, #nocloud, #nosaas, trusted zero knowledge message+content+process management solution that lets your colleagues send work anywhere, home inclusive, at no risk.